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Nitrogen fertilizers finetune composition of individual members of the tomato microbiota

After conducting a field trial at a tomato farm near Ravenna, Italy, a team of plant pathologists and agronomists found that nitrogen fertilizers shape the composition and predicted functions of the plant microbiota. The microbiota refers to the community of microorganisms found in the interface between the soil and the roots of a plant. Similarly to the human digestive tract, the microbiota can help or hinder the plant’s nutrition as it is responsible for the uptake of minerals from the soil. 

Dundee joins ERA4TB international project fighting tuberculosis

The University of Dundee is among more than 30 international institutions joining forces to find new drug treatments for tuberculosis.

The ERA4TB (European Regimen Accelerator for Tuberculosis) project is a public-private initiative dedicated to the development of drugs against tuberculosis. With a team of more than 30 organisations and a budget of over 200 million euros, ERA4TB will focus on developing a new, improved tuberculosis treatment. The partners will share their expertise, knowledge and resources to rapidly progress new candidate drugs into clinical trials.

Laboratory plastic recycling waste scheme introduced

This month, our Central Technical Services started collecting the plastic recycling waste from pick-up points around the SLS complex. Any clean, dry and millable plastic, even coloured plastic can be recycled but it must be clean, contamination free and dry. Green recycling bins are now in place within all labs with guidance signage on what can and cannot be placed in them.

In order to ensure the best standard operating procedure is in place, throughout January the CTS team, especially Scott MacQueen, Vicki Murray and Wendy Chalmers, have: