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With the highest number of citations-per-paper for biological sciences in Europe (2013 QS World University Rankings), over £100 million of research income in 2013 and nearly 900 staff from over 60 countries worldwide, the College enjoys a reputation as one of the most dynamic international centres for molecular cell biology, with outstanding laboratory and technology facilities for fundamental research and translation.

MRC Protein Phosphorylation Unit 2009

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Getting a bank account

Lloyds TSB main branch (Perth Road, very near the University) will open an account for you and provide a debit card on the day, providing you have a passport and a written UK address (a utility bill is accepted, but not required). A temporary address is permitted, such as a "care of" address, as is the use of University Halls of Residence.

Studying Abroad

In the School of Life Sciences we want to encourage you all to broaden your horizons and really experience what it is like to study and live abroad during your time at Dundee.

By selecting a study abroad experience you will have the opportunity to:

iGEM Summer Project


Applications for the iGEM Summer Project in 2015 are now open. The international Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition is the World’s premier synthetic biology competition. Here, multi-disciplinary teams of undergraduates pit their wits, intelligence and innovative skills against each other. The competition takes place every summer and more than 200 Universities from all over the World take part.

Society-Funded Vacation Scholarships

A traditional route to a fully-funded vacation scholarship is via one of the very many learned societies that exist for the sciences in the United Kingdom. In this case, you do not have to be a member of a particular society yourself, but your chosen project supervisor does. The supervisor, with input from yourself, would write a short project outline and submit it into a funding competition around spring time (Deadlines vary). In most cases the Societies in question expect you to be in your penultimate year of study when you apply.


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