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Recent graduate named Royal Society for Biology in Scotland Outreach Champion

One of this year's Life Sciences graduates, Rebecca Buick, has won the 2017 Royal Society for Biology in Scotland Outreach Champion competition. Rebecca undertook a Science Communication Honours project under the supervision of Jenny Woof, and also took part in a couple of other events that Jenny was engaged in during the Dundee Science Festival 2016.

Café Science Dundee: A Brief History of Life

DNA contains the blueprint for all of life on earth, wrapped up into chromosomes at the heart of every cell.  Small differences in our DNA make each individual unique and help to explain why we are how we are, whether we consider humans, other animals, plants, or even tiny bacteria.
This event with Prof Karim Labib discusses how cells are able to pass on their DNA from one generation to the next, and considers what this process can tell us about the evolution of life on earth, beginning with the first cell.