University of Dundee

European Screening Centre Newhouse

The European Screening Centre, Newhouse is an integrated drug discovery/chemical biology group that provides an array of compound screening and medicinal chemistry capabilities. With skills in biology, chemistry and technologies, it is a key group within the IMI funded European Lead Factory and is located at Biocity Scotland in Lanarkshire. With greater than 150 years of collective experience gained in pharma, biotech and academic environments the scientists have extensive knowledge of translational research and the drug discovery cycle over a wide range of target classes.

The Biology group are responsible for compound characterisation and hit triaging combining biochemical and cell based techniques with state-of-the-art liquid handling robotics and automation to elucidate primary and off target activity of compounds and conduct in depth mechanism of action studies. 

The Chemistry group uses its extensive medicinal chemistry experience to carry out expert analysis of the progressibility of selected chemotypes and employs a wide range of synthetic and analytical chemistry equipment with the aim of delivering the most tractable and attractive structures for further development.

The Technologies group provides a comprehensive cheminformatics and modelling capability to enable compound design.  The group supports detailed SAR analysis for individual projects using 2D descriptors and can also perform 3D structural modelling, (pharmacophore modelling, shape similarity searching, docking, scoring and analysis of protein-ligand interactions). 

Management Team

Dr Phil Jones

Director, European Screening Centre, Newhouse

Dr Stuart McElroy

Head of Biology

Dr. Angus Morrison

Senior Medicinal Chemist

Dr. Andrew Pannifer

Head, Medicinal Technologies