University of Dundee

ComPLife - Computational Physics of Biological Systems


"Computational Biophysics"

All positions on this programme are now filled and no further recruitment is currently anticipated.

ComPLife studentships are funded by the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (SUPA) Physics and Life Sciences (PALS) theme and the Scottish Universities Life Science Alliance (SULSA) in the field of computational biophysics at the University of Dundee. This programme offers the opportunity for highly interdisciplinary research in one of four groups at the interface between the Divisions of Physics (College of Art, Science & Engineering) and Computational Biology (School of Life Sciences). Activities cover systems at various levels of biological organisation and range from classical and QM/MM simulations of proteins via membrane soft matter physics to the modelling of embryo development and the investigation of stochastic processes in biology. Specific interests include the transfer of protons and ions across membranes, for instance in synaptic transmission and bioenergetics, computational drug design, the formation of order in biological systems and the progression of cancer. 


The key elements of the programme consist of:

  • PhD projects in groups run by internationally renowned scientists
  • Structured training and mentoring programme
  • Full access to postgraduate training programme and ‘Generic Skills’
  • Competitive stipend, laptop computer and tuition fees