University of Dundee

OMERO Server

The School of Life Sciences provides an OMERO server, called Nightshade, that is freely available for use by all Life Sciences staff and students to store, view and analyse image data.

OMERO is client-server software for visualization, management and analysis of biological microscope images developed by the Open Microscopy Environment.

Details of OMERO Nightshade and how to use it can be seen on the SLS OMERO website.

Use your Life Sciences username and password to log in and an account will be automatically created for you.

This initial step is probably easiest using the Nightshade OMERO.web client in your usual browser using the link:

The SLS Getting Started with OMERO page gives full instructions specifically for using OMERO and Nightshade.

The main OMERO User Help website contains detailed help documents for many common workflows.

OMERO.figure is a very popular feature of OMERO and details on how to use it are in the main User Help OMERO.figure page. Videos illustrating key features can be seem on the OMERO.figure website.

OMERO can be used publish images stored on Nightshade directly on your website. Details on how to do this are on the Public Share page.

The OMERO team is happy to help you get started with using OMERO or help with specific requirements or image analysis issues you have. Email us at: