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Latest News for 12/2021

June 2010

  • 08 Jun 2010

    For the past four years, five Programme Leaders in the MRC Protein Phosphorylation Unit (Dario Alessi, Simon Arthur, Philip Cohen, Carol MacKintosh and Kei Sakamoto) and four cell signalling laboratories at the College of Life Sciences in Dundee (Doreen Cantrell, Nick Leslie, Calum Sutherland and Colin Watts) have participated in a Research Training Group with 16 research laboratories at the University of Tübingen.

May 2010

  • 21 May 2010

    Two Professors in the College of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee have been elected Fellows of the Royal Society, the world's oldest scientific academy in continuous existence. Professors Ron Hay and Angus Lamond have been elected Fellows in recognition of their contribution to our understanding of cellular structures and functions. Theirs is a rare double election for the College and means the College of Life Sciences at Dundee is now home to nine Fellows of the Royal Society, one of the strongest concentrations of Fellows in the UK.

October 2009

  • 13 Oct 2009

    SCILLS Scientist receives 1.4 million euros from the European Research Council A scientist at the Scottish Institute for ceLL Signaling (SCILLS) at the College of Life Sciences in Dundee has been awarded a 1.4 million euro grant from the European Research Council to support an innovative research programme that could lead to the development of a novel class of drugs to treat cancer. Dr Thimo Kurz, a Programme Leader within SCILLS at CLS, has received the Starting Grant from the ERC for his research on types of protein modification in human cells.

July 2009

  • 10 Jul 2009

    The new Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dundee was announced on Monday 6th July as Professor Pete Downes. Pete Downes has been Acting Principal since the departure of Sir Alan Langlands earlier this year to become Chief Executive of the Higher Education Funding Council for England. Pete arrived in Dundee 19 years ago and has served, from 1994, as the Head of the Department of Biochemistry, the Head of the School of Life Sciences and, since 2003, the Head of the College of Life Sciences (CLS).

June 2009

  • 12 Jun 2009

    The SCottish Institute for ceLL Signalling (SCILLS) – established in October 2008 with a £10 million grant from the Scottish Government and based at the University of Dundee - has made its first key scientific appointments with leading researchers recruited from Europe and North America.

April 2009

  • 28 Apr 2009

    Professor Sir Philip Cohen, Director of the Medical Research Council Protein Phosphorylation Unit at the University of Dundee, will today (April 29th) be presented with the Society for Biomolecular Sciences (SBS) Achievement award. Sir Philip will receive the honour at the 15th annual conference of the Society, which is being held at the Lille Grand Palais in Lille, France.

  • 09 Apr 2009

    Sir Philip Cohen was last night given the award for Leading Contribution to Life Sciences in Scotland at the Scottish Enterprise Life Sciences Annual Dinner 2009.

March 2009

  • 05 Mar 2009

    Warm congratulations to Tom Own-Hughes, Tomo Tanaka and Tracy Palmer who were all elected Fellows of The Royal Society of Edinburgh this week (2 Mar 2009). This is a great honour that reflects the outstanding research done by Tom, Tomo and Tracy in their respective fields and does great credit to them and to the College of Life Sciences. Professor Irene Leigh, Head of The College of Medicine Dentistry and Nursing, and a long-time collaborator of CLS was also elected a Fellow of the RSE. 

February 2009

October 2008

  • 16 Oct 2008

    To mark the first year or it's Centre status and the visit of the International Scientific Advisory Board,  the Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression  is hosting a mini-Symposium and a preview of it's film Sharing Science. ALL WELCOME