Current Staff

Nicola Wiechens

Arrived from Tübingen, Nicola is now fully acclimatised to Dundee.

Ext: 5802

Ramasubramanian Sundaramoorthy

Subbu studied for his PhD with Bill Hunter. His quest for the ultimate truth involves all night Poker sessions.

Elisa Garcia

Elisa came to work in the lab after completing her PhD with Prof. Neil Perkins in 2004. Elisa fulfils ethnic minority quotas in the lab being the only Scot.


David Dickerson

David previously worked in Seattle where he got to know Iestyn. Always first into the lab in the morning (so he tells us).

Tom Owen-Hughes

Tom graduated with an honours degree in molecular biology from Edinburgh University (1988). He then completed a doctoral degree at the Institute of Molecular Medicine in Oxford investigating the role of the bacterial chromatin component H-NS in gene regulation supervised by Chris Higgins (1993). After studying chromatin in relation to eukaryotic gene regulation as a postdoctoral researcher in the laboratory of Jerry Workman at Pennsylvania State University USA (1994-1998), he returned to the UK as a group leader to study the pathways by which chromatin structure is remodelled during gene regulation at the University of Dundee. Tom is married with three boys and enjoys some of the outdoor activities accessable from Dundee.

Ext: 85796

Amanda Hughes

Amanda arrived from UMass on a mission to learn some Biochemistry. She already knew a fair bit about genomics and cats.  Do not get in her way if she is going for a bus!


Meng-Ying Wu

Meng is investigating the role of SWI/SNF complexes in renal cancer for her PhD. She has a weakness for caramel donuts, but runs a mean western blot!

Ext: 85802

Seraina Blumli

Seraina is a CRUK funded PhD student developing systems for conditional depletion of SWI/SNF subunits. She is always in the lab, but still finds time for horse riding.