New and exciting news here.....

05-03-2017 - Sonia. Michael, Laura and Julianty attend the Keystone symposia hypoxia meeting in Whistler, BC, Canada.

28-02-2017 - Alena finishes in the lab, good luck in Edinburgh. :-(

14-12-2016 - Michaela wins a poster prize and a commendation for her talk at the honours student symposium!

07-12-2016 - The Rocha Lab attend the GRE Xmas lunch!

04-12-2016 - GRE launches the Giant Worm at the Mills Observatory!

21-11-2016 - Alena successfully defends her viva!

30-11-2016 - Hannah and Michaela finish their honours research projects!

31-10-2016 - Michael wins a poster prize at the SLS final year PhD students poster symposium. See the news here!

14-10-2016 - Sharon leaves the lab :-(

12-10-2016 - Sonia is promoted to Professor!

03-10-2016 - Laura gives a talk at the third European NF-kappaB subunit workshop in Corfu, representing the Rocha Lab!!

12-09-2016 - Hannah and Michaela start their honours projects in the lab

23-08-2016 - Michael gives a divisional seminar.

15-08-2016 - Alistairs finishes his project in the lab.

10-06-2016 - Alistair starts his summer project in the lab.

10-05-2016 - Michaela starts her summer project in the lab.

05-05-2016 - Roxy finishes in the lab.

20-01-2016 - Daniel finishes in the lab.

12-01-2016 - Roxy starts her Masters project in the lab.

22-10-2015 - Brian successfully defends his PhD thesis.

15-10-2015 - Catia starts in the lab.

10-09-2015 - Daniel Bode starts in the lab.

01-09-2015 - Laura starts her PhD in the lab.

31-08-2015 - Daniel leaves the lab for a new stage.

08-06-2015 - Sonia attends the UK and Ireland NF-kappaB/IKK workshop in Glasgow.

12-05-2015 - Sonia, Alena, Brian and Julianty attend the Kestone Symposium on Hypoxia in Dublin.

21-04-2015 - Sonia welcomed Victoria to the world!

03-02-2015 - Daniel's paper makes the cover of the February issue of Disease Models and Mechanisms!

31-01-2015 - Sonia Moniz leaves the lab :-(

31-10-2014 - John successfully defends his PhD thesis.

27-10-2014 - The majority of the lab attend the GRE annual symposium, with Brian giving a talk and Alena, Sonia and Michael presenting posters.

15-10-2014 - Daniel successfully defends his PhD thesis.

08-10-2014 - Daniel wins one of the prizes for best talk at the European NF-kappaB subunit workshop, sponsored by EACR.

06-10-2014 - Sonia, Daniel and Ana attend the 2nd European NF-kappaB subunit Workshop.

26-09-2014 - Sonia, Brian and Michael attend the MRC 4 Year programme student retreat.

26-06-2014 - Sonia speakes at Cancer Research UK Fellows meeting in York.

20-06-2014 - John wins the Baxter prize for Cancer Research. News item here

13-06-2014 - Daniel, John, Brian present in the annual PICLS symposium.

10-06-2014 - Daniel Bode starts in the lab.

14-04-2014 - Michael returns to the lab to start his PhD!

24-03-2014 - Sonia, Daniel, Alena and Brian attend the 30th Genes and Cancer meeting in Cambridge.

22-03-2014 - Sonia Rocha speaks at the College of Life Sciences Annual Symposium.

11-02-2014 - The Rocha lab host a very special visit from the Dundee CCS Stars Ice hockey team, see news here

30-01-2014 - Yu Sun leaves the lab.

24-01-2014 - Brian is a co-winner of the Tim Hunt prize for Cell Biology 2014. See the news here

16-01-2014 - Sonia, John, Alena and Jimena participate in the filming our of latest research article for JOVE.

07-01-2014 - Sonia, Daniel and John attend the Keystone symposia on hypoxia in Breckenridge, Colorado, USA.

06-01-2014 - Michael Batie joins the lab for a rotation in his MRC-PhD programme.

11-12-2013 - The Rocha lab have their Xmas lunch in the portuguese restaurant Brig O' Tay

22-11-2013 - The Rocha lab attend the GRE annual symposium in piperdam, watch the video here, Sonia Moniz gave a talk, with Daniel, John and Brian presenting posters.

30-10-2013 - Sonia introduces our Foreign Skies photograph competition winners, watch the video here

09-09-2013 - Maria Velkova and Algeliki Ditsiou join the lab for their final year project

09-09-2013 - Alena rejoins the lab for her PhD work, in a collaboration with the Owen-Hughes Lab

23-July-2013 - Alena leaves the lab, but will be returning to do her PhD in September!

9-july-2013 - Brian passes his Msc to PhD transfer process, well done Brian!

23-June-2013 - Ana leaves the lab! :-(

17-May-2013 - The Rocha lab attend the 4th annual Picls symposium. Brian gave a talk and Ana, Daniel, John and Sanne presented posters! Great day!

1-May-2013 - Alena starts in the lab for her final rotation.

16-April-2013 - Sonia was elected fellow of the Scociety of Biology, news item here

1-April-2013 - Yu Sun and Ana start in the lab.

4-March-2013 - Jimena starts in the lab.

1-Feb-2013 - Julianty and Chris leave the lab.

14-Dec-2013 - John makes the GRE News!!! See here

13-Dec-2012 - Most of the lab go for the lab Christmas lunch, Portuguese flavour!!

10-Dec-2012 - Brian, Daniel, Sonia M and Sonia attend the 29th Genes and Cancer Meeting.

2-Nov-2012 - The Rocha lab attend the GRE symposiun, with Daniel giving a talk and Brian, John, Sanne and Sonia M presenting posters.

7-Oct-2012 - Andrew finishes in the lab. Good Luck for Medical School!

1-Oct-2012 - Sonia and Daniel attend the NF-kappaB subunit workshop in Germany.

20-Sep-2012 - Sonia and Anja attend the Essen Hypoxia meeting.

17-Sep-2012 - Chris and Julianty join the lab for their honours projects.

7-Sep-2012 - Brian, Daniel and Sanne attend the PICLS annual retreat.

1-Aug-2012 - Sonia becomes deputy head of GRE (!)

25-Jul-2012 - Rocha Lab attend the GRE BBQ in glorious sunshine (for a change!).

14/15-Jun-2012 - Sonia attended the CR-UK fellows meeting in Manchester.

28-May-2012 - The Rocha lab host a CR-UK lab tour for fundraisers.

16-April-2012 - Brian re-starts in the lab!! :-)

27-March-2012 - Giuliana finishes in the lab :-(

29-Feb-2012 - Alona leaves the lab :-(

12-Feb-2012 - Sonia attends the keystone symposia on hypoxia.

30-Jan-2012 - Giuliana starts in the lab!

27-Jan-2012 - Laura leaves the lab :-(

9-Jan-2012 - Sonia Moniz starts in the lab :-)!

16-Dec-2011 - Brian finishes in the Lab :-( !

12-Dec-2011 - John, Laura, Daniel, Brian, Sanne and Sonia attended the 28th Genes and Cancer Meeting at Warwick University.

3-Nov-2011 - John, Laura, Sanne, Daniel and Sonia attended the GRE symposium in Guthrie Castle. Daniel and Sanne presented posters! See photos here

17-Oct-2011 - John and Laura start in the lab.

10-Oct-2011 - Andrew starts his postdoc in the lab.

6-Oct-2011 - Andrew successfully defended his PhD thesis!!

12-Sep-2011 - Brian and Alona start in the lab.

1-Sep-2011 - Daniel starts his PhD work in the lab.

16-Aug-2011 - Christina finishes in the lab.

1-Aug-2011 - Sanne starts her PhD in the lab.

29-Jul-2011 - Sonia receives "Paper of the year 2011" certificate from the Biochemical J.

8-Jul-2011 - Christina successfully defended her batchelor thesis!

27-Jun-2011 - Sanne successfully defends her undergraduate degree thesis!!

27-Jun-2011 - Sonia is awarded a Cancer Research UK Senior Research Fellowship !!!

16-May-2011 - Alessandra leaves the lab.

9-May-2011 - Anja returns to the Rocha lab (still only on loan :-)!)

19-Apr-2011 - Sonia, Sharon and Andrew meet HRH princess Anne, see photos

11-Apr-2011 - Sonia's interview for real science is online here

04-Apr-2011 - Christina joins the lab.

28-Feb-2011 - Sharadha leaves the lab.

31-Jan-2011 - Alessandra joins the lab.

17-Jan-2011 - Sanne joins the lab.

08-Jan-2011 - Andrew and Sonia attend the Hypoxia meeting in Davos, Switzerland.

04-Oct-2010 - Sharon re-joins the lab :-)!

15-Sep-2010 - Patrick passes his PhD viva.

01-Sep-2010 - Niall leaves the lab :-(

01-July-2010 - Sharadha joins the lab.

17-Jan-2010 - Andrew, Cari and Sonia attend the Keystone Hypoxia Meeting, USA.

04-Jan-2010 - Niall and Sonia attend the NF-kappaB Keystone Meeting, USA.

14-Dec-2010 - Andrew and Sonia attended the Genes and Cancer Meeting, Warwick.

20-Dec-2009 - Sharon leaves the Lab :(

04-Aug-2009 - Andrew attended Roche Continents workshop in Salzburg for 1 week. (info)

13-July-2009 - Max Wilson joins the lab as part of the Nuffield Scheme for 4 weeks.

08-July-2009 - Sonia, Niall and Andrew attended Transcription and Cancer (EACR) in Cambridge

09-Dec-2008 - Sonia, Cari and Andrew attended Genes and Cancer in Warwick

04-Dec-2008 - Rocha Lab Christmas Dinner. Photos here

06-Nov-2008 - Newest member joins the lab Orlaith Kenneth! here

23-Oct-2008 - GRE sharing science video debut. see it here

20-Aug-2008 - Stills of the soon to be released documentary on the Rocha lab. here

06-Aug-2008 - Aichi joins us for a few months.

02-Aug-2008 - Andrew Melvin, 4 yr Wellcome trust student joins the lab for PhD