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Sanne Naron

I am from the Netherlands. As an undergraduate I conducted my studies in Biochemistry at the HAN University of Applied Science, Netherlands. In 2010, I did an internship at the Department of Experimental Urology Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre forabout 5 months. My project was about Carbonic anhydrase IX-specific Antibodydependent cellular cytoxicity of hypoxic cells. I also did an exchange programme at the University of Dundee for one semester in 2010.
I joined the Rocha lab in 2011 as an intern for my graduation project. The focus ofmy research in this lab is to characterize the roles of novel HIF regulators in cellular response to hypoxia. In 2011, I obtained my bachelor of Applied Science.

Following my undegraduate studies, I started my 3 years Divisional PhD programme in the Rocha lab. The topic of my research is Identification of novel HIF regulators and their mechanism of action in the cellular response to hypoxia.

In my free time I like water kayaking, playing Canoe Polo, socialising with friends, and watching movies/TV series.