The Blow Lab:

Origin Licensing and its Regulation

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Although we have reconstituted the licensing reaction with purified proteins, we still have only a poor understanding of what it really represents. It now seems likely that during licensing, two ring-shaped Mcm2-7 hexamers are opened up by a clamp loader complex consisting of ORC, Cdc6 and Cdt1, and the Mcm2-7 rings are then closed again around double-stranded DNA. The loading of two hexamers onto DNA provides a configuration potentially capable of initiating a pair of bidirectional replication forks in S phase.  We are currently exploring various aspects of this model. It is known that the multiple copies of Mcm2-7 that are loaded onto each origin end up at sites on DNA distant from ORC and we are testing various models for how this occurs. We and others have described a central role for geminin in preventing re-replication of DNA in metazoans, and we have also shown that the activity of Xenopus geminin is down-regulated by ubiquitination. We are currently examining various aspects of geminin structure to determine how it is affected by ubiquitination and how it is reactivated following nuclear import.