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Nobel Laureate, and President of The Royal Society of London, Sir Paul Nurse officially opened the Discovery Centre for Translational and Interdisciplinary Research on the 1st October at a ceremony presided over by actor and University Rector, Brian Cox. Our research activities are reflected within the name of the new Centre:


From the discoveries that will be made and our ties to Dundee, the city of Discovery.


Moving blue skies basic science towards societal application.


Bringing together biology with chemistry, with physics, with computer science, and with art.

The aim of the Discovery Centre is to bring the best scientists together in an environment that facilitates scientific innovation and discovery. The Centre will further enhance Dundee’s internationally renowned life sciences capacity by providing 180 new, externally-funded, high-value jobs for Scotland's Life Sciences sector. They will join around 900 scientists, research students and support staff from 61 countries who are already based in the School of Life Sciences at Dundee.

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