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New possibilities for efficient biofuel production

Limited availability of fossil fuels stimulates the search for different energy resources. The use of biofuels is one of the alternatives. Sugars derived from the grain of agricultural crops can be used to produce biofuel but these crops occupy fertile soils needed for food and feed production. Fast growing plants such as poplar, eucalyptus, or various grass residues such as corn stover and sugarcane bagasse do not compete and can be a sustainable source for biofuel.

Mike Ferguson receives the RSE Royal Medal

Michael Ferguson, Regius Professor and Dean of Research in the College of Life Sciences, was presented with the Royal Medal in Edinburgh on Monday in recognition of his work in drug discovery to combat parasites and for his leadership of a “world-class” team of scientists.  

The medal represents the pinnacle of the awards made by the RSE and was presented by the Duke of Edinburgh on his first official engagement since June.

Laboratory Manager

An opportunity has arisen for the appointment of a Laboratory Manager. The successful candidate will be responsible for the provision of daily support service requirements as part of a lab management team for approximately 120 research staff working in a multi-disciplinary research environment, encompassing organic chemistry, molecular biology and cell biology laboratories.