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SCILLS Scientist receives 1.4 million euros from ERC

SCILLS Scientist receives 1.4 million euros from the European Research Council

A scientist at the Scottish Institute for ceLL Signaling (SCILLS) at the College of Life Sciences in Dundee has been awarded a 1.4 million euro grant from the European Research Council to support an innovative research programme that could lead to the development of a novel class of drugs to treat cancer.

Dr Thimo Kurz, a Programme Leader within SCILLS at CLS, has received the Starting Grant from the ERC for his research on types of protein modification in human cells.

CLS in top 10 of 'The Scientist' magazine's Survey of the Best Places to Work

CLS once again internationally recognised as one of the best places to work

An international poll of scientists has once again named the College of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee as one of the best places to work in life sciences research.

The College is among the top three places to work in scientific research in the United Kingdom - second, ahead of the University of Cambridge. It is also the only research institute in Scotland to be named in the list of the top 10 research universities outside the United States.

Blindfold Handshake in the Cell Prevents Diseases

Researchers at the University of Dundee have made a significant new discovery about how cells behave and protect themselves against cancers and genetic disorders.

Professor Tomo Tanaka and his team members Dr Etsushi Kitamura and Mr Shinya Komoto, all at the College of Life Sciences, working in collaboration with researchers in Japan and Germany, have uncovered how cells ensure inheritance of their genetic information in order to prevent diseases.

Two new Fellows of The Royal Society of Edinburgh

Warm congratulations to Geoff Codd and Daan van Aalten who were both elected Fellows of The Royal Society of Edinburgh this week (1st March 2010).

This is a great honour that reflects the outstanding research done by Geoff and Daan in their respective fields and does great credit to them and to the College of Life Sciences.

Former and current Fellows of the RSE include Walter Scott, Charles Darwin, John Logie Baird, William Wordsworth, Niels Bohr, Francis Crick, Sir James Black, Sir Philip Cohen, Sir David Lane, Sir Paul Nurse, Lord (George) Robertson and Fred Sanger.

Novartis Medal and Prize 2011

It is a pleasure to announce that Angus Lamond has been awarded the 2011 Novartis Medal and Prize of the Biochemical Society in recognition of his seminal work on the structure and functional organisation of the nucleus of mammalian cells.

The Novartis Medal and Prize is awarded annually in recognition of contributions to the development of any branch of biochemistry. The award is for work carried out in the UK but is open to candidates of any nationality.

Prof. Angus Lamond receives 3 million in Research Grant from the Wellcome Trust

£3 million Wellcome Trust Grant for GRE Researcher

The Wellcome Trust has awarded a research grant of over £3million to Professor Angus Lamond at the College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee.

Professor Lamond is Director of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression at CLS and the new grant is to support his research programme, which examines the expression and function of human genes.