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Summer School 2021

After a challenging year where Covid changed everything, SLS were determined to hold its annual vacation scholarship programme. As one of the few institutions doing so, the School received almost 300 applications from home, national and international students. The competition for places was high, but the School was able to welcome 41 students.

Increased infectiousness of coronavirus variants explained

Researchers from the Universities of Dundee and Oxford have made a discovery that helps explain why variations in the virus that causes Covid-19 spread so rapidly.

Coronaviruses are so named because of the spikes on their surface that make it look like a crown, the Latin word for which is corona. The virus uses these spikes to attach to and enter cells, where they then replicate. All common SARS-CoV-2 variants have mutations in the part of their Spike proteins that binds to cells.

Trypanosomes break more rules: evidence for the convergent evolution of glycosyltransferase function

Glycosyltransferases (GTs) are enzymes that transfer sugars from donor to an acceptor molecule. There are dozens of GT gene families, classified by sequence, sequence motifs and enzymatic function.

GTs are defined by their donor and acceptor specificities and the type of glycosidic linkage they make. For example, a UDP-Gal : ßGal ß1-3 galactosyltransferase transfers galactose from UDP-Gal to a ßGal acceptor residue in a ß1-3 linkage (making a Galß1-3Galß1-R product). 

Prof Kim Dale appointed Assistant Vice-Principal (International)

Professor Kim Dale has been appointed as Assistant Vice-Principal (International) for the University of Dundee.

Kim Dale is a Principal Investigator in the Division of Cell and Developmental Biology. Kim is well known to many staff for her work in the international field. This includes throught her roles at a School (as Associate Dean, International) and the University level (as Academic Lead for International activity in the ASEAN region). She is a visiting Professor at Taylor's University, Malaysia.