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Intellectual Property Drop-in Sessions for Life Sciences

How can you turn your science into innovation and impact? If you have an idea, no matter how big or small, and you are interested in discussing how far it could go, then join me at the School of Life Sciences IP drop-in.

Whether you’re building your next collaboration, looking for industry funding, have an ambition to see your science at work in the marketplace, or simply want to disseminate your knowledge on your terms – knowing your IP options is a big step forward in realising those goals.

Perceptions of dementia go on display in new exhibition

An exhibition of art and science exploring how perceptions of space affect gestures, balance and movement will go on display this week at the University of Dundee’s LifeSpace Gallery.
‘Trajectories’, LifeSpace’s first exhibition of 2018, will see work by artists Charles Robert Harrison, Charlie Murphy and Studio Senses featured alongside research on perceptions and experiences of dementia carried out by scientists at University College London.

Funding awarded to improve barley crops

A University of Dundee academic has been awarded more than £600,000 to study an increasing problem with the cereal crop barley that impacts the commercially important malting process and the shelf-life of animal feed.
Dr Sarah McKim, a School of Life Sciences researcher based at the James Hutton Institute, was awarded a BBSRC research grant to investigate the unfavourable trait, called ‘skinning’, and to develop tools to track it in breeding populations.