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An Ocean of Images - Jason Swedlow at Cafe Science, Chambers Coffee House, 34 South Tay Street, 7pm Monday 11th March 2013

Award-winning innovator Professor Jason Swedlow speaks about his research to members of the public at Cafe Science next week.

Every day scientists across the World are producing huge amounts of information and images from their work. It is difficult to store and share all of this data, which may overwhelm the scientists and computer systems. In some cases this may lead to missed opportunities to identify medical breakthroughs.

Markus Posch wins GE Imaging Competition for Image of Cancer Cell Division

A stunning image of a cervical cancer cell in the process of cell division, taken using one of the world’s most advanced high resolution microscopes by scientists at Dundee University, has been named the European winner of GE Healthcare’s 2012 Cell Imaging Competition.

The image captured by Dr Markus Posch in the College of Life Sciences at Dundee University shows the role that the very latest imaging technology can play in helping scientists to understand the inner workings of human cells.

Sue Black is on Radio 4's Woman's Hour 2013 Power List

Professor Sue Black, the world renowned forensic anthropologist based at the University of Dundee, is among 100 women named in the 2013 Power List by the BBC Radio 4 programme `Woman’s Hour’.

The programme’s annual list looks to find out who are the movers and shakers who shape the way we live today? Which women have the greatest impact on British politics, society, culture and the economy?

Congratulations to Nicola Stanley-Wall, School Regional Champion!


Dr Nicola Stanley-Wall of the Division of Molecular Microbiology has been appointed a School Regional Champion by the BBSRC.

School Regional Champions (SRC) support BBSRC researchers in the UK with public engagement activities for secondary schools and young people aged between 11–19. A network of Regional Champions develop and share best practice, tools and activities to aid the support for these researchers.

Professor Mike Ferguson named first Regius Professor in Life Sciences at Dundee

The Queen announces new Regius Professorship for Dundee

The Government today announced twelve university departments that are deemed to be outstanding – including Life Sciences at the University of Dundee - are to have the prestigious title of Regius Professor bestowed upon them by The Queen to mark the Diamond Jubilee.

The Worm Spreads the Word about Parkinson’s: Gartner Lab research chosen once again to lead the Parkinson’s UK charity appeal.

Meet Dave the Worm, the new mascot for the Parkinson’s UK charity appeal. Dave and his friends have been helping Dr. Anton Gartner and his team to understand what happens when dopamine-producing cells start to die, and to isolate a gene that they think might protect these nerve cells, which could lead to treatments that slow or stop the progression of Parkinson's.