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Congratulations following Promotions for Academic Staff

As part of the 2016 Annual Review process for academic staff Alessio Ciulli, Vicky Cowling, Sonia Rocha and Helen Walden have been promoted to Personal Chair (Professor) and Sarah Coulthurst has been promoted to Reader. “I would like to congratulate these outstanding individuals for their well deserved promotions,” said Professor Julian Blow, Dean of Research in the School of Life Sciences. “Encouraging excellence is a core value of the School but that needs to be followed up with recognition and reward.

Dundee MS Therapy Centre chosen by students as charity of the year

University of Dundee students have voted MS Therapy Centre as their 2016 Raising and Giving (RAG) Charity.

With well over 300 votes cast for 20 different charity nominations, MS Therapy Centre, was chosen as the charity of choice by the students at Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA).

Chosen charities can expect to receive the support and proceeds from RAG fundraising efforts held by DUSA and the 160 student societies over the year.

The secret war of Staphylococcus aureus revealed

Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium that colonises approximately 30% of the human population at any one time, has now been shown to attack other bacteria, according to ground-breaking research from the University of Dundee.

The bacterium which often inhabits the skin of humans and animals can cause a wide range of illnesses including minor skin infections to pneumonia, sepsis and toxic shock syndrome.

Staphylococcus aureus is also one of the world’s most common causes of hospital-acquired infections.

Why are our cells the size they are?

New research from the University of Dundee has discovered that cells of average size are the Olympic athletes of the cellular world, performing better than those which are too big or two small.

When cells and tissue are observed under the microscope, the size of the cells is one of the most obvious features. However, while cells are small in general, cell size varies from one cell type to another - a muscle cell for example is much bigger than a white blood cell.

Open Doors Day - Robotics & Technology

The School will be inviting secondary school pupils to visit Life Sciences to discover how robotics and technology help us with our research. Activities include tours of our robots, talks with our expert scientists on topics such as Stem Cells and GM and hands on activities in the Street. If you wish to volunteer to help on the day, please email Amy Cameron ( or Erin Hardee ( 

Scientist awarded over £1 million to bring cutting-edge cancer research to Dundee

A talented international scientist has been awarded £1.35million from Cancer Research UK to bring her ground breaking research into how tumours develop to the University of Dundee.

Dr Constance Alabert is one of only three researchers this year to have been awarded a prestigious Career Development Fellowship by the charity.