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School spin-out Exscientia announces €250M collaboration agreement with Sanofi

Exscientia, an innovative company at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven drug discovery, is pleased to announce that it has agreed a strategic research collaboration, and licence option agreement with Sanofi in the high-interest area of metabolic disease.  Exscientia is a spin-out company from the School.

Undergraduate student publishes review on eczema.

Undergraduate Biomedical Sciences student, David Bell, has had his literature review from his Science Communication Honours Project accepted for publication in the open access journal World J Dermatol. David undertook his honours project with Professor Sara Brown in the School of Medicine. The focus of her research is to understand molecular and genetic mechanisms in atopic skin, in particular atopic eczema. David’s review summarises current understanding and highlights some novel treatments in development for this condition.

A kiss of death to drug the 'undruggable'

Scientists at the University of Dundee have reported a major breakthrough in targeting the causes of many diseases, using a `kiss of death’ to destroy proteins which had previously been regarded as `undruggable’.

Much is known about proteins such as Ras and Myc, which are known to be culpable in human cancer, and Huntingtin, which causes Huntingdon’s disease, but as yet they have proved stubbornly resistant to efforts to find ways of tackling them with drugs.