University of Dundee


Automated sample screening – Up to 60 crystals can be pre-loaded into sample dewar and screened without any manual intervention.

Automated data collection – pre-selected or automatic “best” selection of crystal for data collection, test shots captured, indexed and collection strategy devised utilising the AFC11 4-axis partial χ goniometer. Data will also be processed in the background as the collection runs using D*Trek software.

In-house phasing by SAD – Using Sulfur and Iodine & others with anomalous signal at Cu Ka wavelength

A. Iodine SAD phased map collected in-house for Serratia marcescens Lip, contoured at 1.5sigma (Rao et. al. 2011); B. Anomalous peaks (orange) from an in-house Sulphur-SAD experiment. (English et. al. 2012);  C. Anomalous peaks from calcium (and sulphur from nearby methionine) from an in-house SAD experiment. (M. Fritsch & D. Alessi unpublished data)


- The Structure of Serratia Marcescens Lip, a Membrane-Bound Component of the Type VI Secretion System (2011) Rao, V.A., Shepherd, S.M., English, G., Coulthurst, S.J. & Hunter, W.N., ACTA CRYST. F, 67, 1065
- New secreted toxins and immunity proteins encoded within the Type VI secretion system gene cluster of Serratia marcescens. English G, Trunk K, Rao VA, Srikannathasan V, Hunter WN, Coulthurst SJ. (2012) Mol Microbiol. 86, 921-36.