University of Dundee

Research Technologies


Rigaku M007HF X-ray generator equipped with Varimax Cu-VHF optics, a Saturn 944HG+ CCD detector and an AFC-11 4-axis partial χ goniometer.

  • Collection of high quality data-sets suitable for molecular replacement and SAD structure solution.

ACTOR robot allowing fully automated sample mounting, X-ray screening and data collection.

  • Screening, sample selection, data collection strategy, collection and processing can all be run automatically, and/or with manual intervention at each step.
  • Rapid screening and selection of crystals in preparation for data collection at synchrotron sources.

Oxford Cryosystems Cobra non-liquid nitrogen cryostream with nitrogen supplied via a separate compact generator unit.

  • Stable laminar flow at 100K.

Air conditioned crystallisation rooms with additional incubators for low temperature crystallization.


Phoenix (Art Robbins) robotic dispenser for high-throughput screening of crystallisation conditions.

  • Capable of handling volumes down to 100nl

Automated crystallisation experiment storage and visualisation systems.