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Science  and Health care  communications funded internships (Amiculum)

Amiculum are offering two fantastic summer internship projects for the summer 2022, applications for these Internships should be submitted via the Life Sciences application portal, highlighting your preferred project in the relevant section.  For more project information see below:

- Commercial internship: Rare disease/genomic medicine communications - This internship will offer an introduction to healthcare communications projects at Comradis and Seques. During this internship, the student will gain exposure to day-to-day project and account management, and will gain an understanding of the role that healthcare communications agencies play in the life sciences industry. Projects will include research for business development, congress preparations and some account-related activities, such as taking part in client meetings and supporting with financial management.

- Business research and communications internship: Life sciences talent consultancy - This internship will offer an introduction to talent consultancy projects in life sciences at Ambit, an agency that offers talent strategy and search support to clients worldwide. During this internship, the student will gain an understanding of the challenges that fast-growth life sciences companies face in securing the best talent, and will support the Ambit team on a range of research projects to support ongoing client work and business development.


AstraZeneca are an innovation-driven, global, biopharmaceutical company with a vision to save lives through innovative science, collaboration and exceptional service delivery.  The IMED Undergraduate Industrial Student (UIPS) Programme introduces individuals to the world of ground-breaking drug discovery, embedding undergraduates within highly dedicated teams driven to creating impactful new medicines.  For more information click here

Biochemical Society

The Biochemical Society promotes the future of molecular biosciences; facilitating the sharing of expertise, supporting the advancement of biochemistry and molecular biology, and raising awareness of their importance in addressing societal grand challenges. For more information click here

The Francis Crick Institute, London

The Summer Student Programme is aimed at undergraduates at a UK university who are considering a future in biomedical research. These short placements give students hands-on experience and a true feel of what it's like to work in a lab.  For more information click here.

Imperial College London

Based in the heart of London, this four-week Revolutions in Biomedicine summer programme gives a unique insight into past, present and future biomedical transformations in a hands-on research environment at a leading international university.  For more information click here.

John Innes Centre, Norwich

UK and non-UK students are provided with the unique opportunity to spend the summer on their research programme in plant, microbial and computational biology.  For more information click here.

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge

The LMB Summer Studentships scheme is aimed at undergraduate students who are considering a future in academic research. The studentships provide hands-on experience of research and a true feel for what it is like to work in a lab. For more information click here.

Nuffield Foundation, London

The placements help students to increase confidence and improve key skills including practical, communication, report-writing and presentation skills.  It also provides excellent experiences & skills to include on CV’s and personal statements. By working with professional scientists and engineers in a real-life environment, students gain an invaluable insight into a wide variety of careers. For more information click here.

UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, London

Up to ten studentships will be available for undergraduate students studying science or medicine.  For more information click here.

University of Glasgow Institute of Cancer Sciences, Glasgow

An opportunity for undergraduate students studying Life Sciences who are considering a career in cancer research and want to experience for themselves what it is like working in a research lab. You must arrange your own in collaboration with your proposed research supervisor. For more information click here.

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Summer Placement welcomes students who wish to gain hands-on experience of working in a scientific research environment while studying for 3 months in the summer of your first year. For more information click here.

Funding for a project you and a prospective supervisor propose

Alzheimer’s Society

Undergraduate research bursaries aim to give students dementia research experience and to encourage them to consider a career in scientific research. For more information click here.

Association for the Study of Animal Behaviou

The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour fund undergraduate project scholarships which enable students to undertake supervised research projects. Application cycles run three times per year. For more information click here.

Botanical Society of Scotland

Support for Student Fieldwork is available to undergraduate students and those in their first year following the date of graduation for both Fieldwork Projects and Fieldwork Training Courses with a botanical theme. Applications are due on the 30th of April each year. For more information click here.

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

The BBSRC offer a Research Experience Placement (REPs) scheme which provides support for undergraduate summer research placements. 100 placements are available each year. For more information click here.

British Pharmacological Society

This studentship encourages undergraduates to take pharmacology as a specialism. Applications open in Spring 2022. For more information click here.

British Society for Cell Biology

The BSCB Summer Vacation Studentships offer financial support for high calibre undergraduate students, who wish to gain research experience in cell biology during their summer vacation. Applications open in Spring 2022. For more information click here.

British Society for Neuroendocrinology

The undergraduate student laboratory experience grant provides financial support for students to be able to undertake a vacation laboratory project. Application close on the 1st of April. For more information click here.

British Society for Plant Pathology

The Undergraduate Vacation Bursary (Including Remote Working) provides support for work during the summer vacation project where they will get experience of plant pathology research. For more information click here.

Microbiology Society

The Harry Smith Vacation Studentships offer a limited number of awards to enable undergraduates to work on microbiological research projects during the summer vacation. Deadlines for applications are on the 17th of February. For more information click here.

Royal Microscopical Society

Six summer studentships are awarded each year split evenly between physical, biological and interdisciplinary projects. Applications close in Spring. For more information click here.

Society for Applied Microbiology

The Summer Student Placement Scholarship offers undergraduate students and recent graduates the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience. Applications deadlines are 14th February in the Northern hemisphere and 14th October in the Southern hemisphere. For more information click here.

Society for Endocrinology

The Society for Endocrinology offers summer studentships to support supervisors in hosting undergraduate students in endocrinology of the life sciences during a 10-week summer placement. For more information click here.

The Carnegie Trust

The Carnegie Vacation Scholarships aim to encourage undergraduates to develop their independent research skills. The Scheme is open to students enrolled on an undergraduate degree course at an eligible Scottish institution. Applications open early December 2021 and close on the 31st January 2022. For more information click here.

The Gatsby Charitable Foundation

Sainsbury Undergraduate Studentships aim to identify excellent second-year undergraduates with an interest in plant science and support them to continue in the subject through summer research projects in laboratories outside their place of study. For more information click here.

The Genetics Society

Grants are available to provide financial support for undergraduate students interested in gaining research experience in any are of genetics by carrying out a research project over the long vacation. For more information click here.

The Marine Biological Association

The Molly Spooner Bursary is awarded for around 10 weeks work experience in an MBA research fellow’s group usually over the summer vacation. Applications close on the 1st of March annually. For more information click here.

The Physiological Society

Research Springboard Studentship provide high-quality research experience for undergraduate students in any area of physiology. Applications open on the 26th November 2021 and close on the 1st of March 2022. For further information click here.

Wellcome Trust

The Biomedical Vacation Scholarships provide promising undergraduates with hands-on experience of research during the summer holidays with the aim of encouraging them to consider a career in research. These grants are being phased out and will only be available until 2024. For more information click here.


The Vienna Biocenter, Vienna

The Vienna Biocenter Summer School provides a unique opportunity for approx. 25 undergraduate students to work side by side with leading researchers in a dynamic scientific environment.  It is the perfect preparation for those students who are interested in graduate study in the life sciences arena. Applications open 1st December 2021. For more information click here.

Institute of Science and Technology, Austria

IST Austria offers summer internships to outstanding undergraduate students interested in basic research in Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Neuroscience and interdisciplinary areas.  For more information click here.


Research Training Centre

The Research Training Centre (RTC) was established at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute in 1996 to provide trainees (graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and summer students) with an exceptional research and learning environment.   For more information click here.

University of Toronto- Institute of Medicine

The Institute of Medical Science (IMS) has an exceptional Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) which provides an opportunity for undergraduate B.Sc. and medical students (who do not hold a graduate degree) to become involved in projects relating to biomedical research. For more information click here.


DKFZ Summer Internship in Cancer Research

The DKFZ Summer Internship is an 8-week program for outstanding and ambitious master's students who are interested in gaining laboratory research experience. As of summer 2021, the formal programme was on a hiatus but the DKFZ was encouraging students still interested in doing an internship to contact research group heads directly. For more information click here.

International Helmholtz Research School of Biophysics and Soft Matter

The IHRS BioSoft offers a guest student programme for Master students in biology, chemistry, and physics and related subjects. (In exceptional cases, also Bachelor students towards the end of their studies and students that have recently finished their Master studies can be accepted as guest students.)  For more information click here.

The Institute of Molecular Biology, Mainz

The International Summer School programme offers outstanding and enthusiastic undergraduate, Masters and PhD students from all over the world the opportunity to acquire excellent practical skills and hands-on training from leading scientists in molecular biology. Applications open early 2022. For more information click here.

Summer Molecular Medicine, Jena University

The Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research of the University Hospital of Jena invites young scientists from all over the world to participate in the Summer School of Molecular Medicine. The Summer School will be held in August / September each year in Jena, Germany.   For more information click here.


Kupcinet-Getz International Summer School

The Kupcinet-Getz International Science School accepts a select number of outstanding undergraduate students each summer to participate in research projects in mathematics, physics, chemistry and the life sciences. This is an enrichment program designed for undergraduate students from all over the world who are majoring in the sciences. The program did not run in 2021 but it is hoped it will return for 2022. For more information click here.


Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University

The OIST Graduate School offers education and research opportunities through a system of undergraduate and graduate placements as Research Interns. These short-term placements as a Research Intern give a select few talented students the opportunity to gain experience in a particular laboratory or to learn a specific technique. For more information click here.

Riken Center for Brain Sciences

The Summer Program is designed to encourage and further the education of young neuroscientists and emerging researchers as they enter the international neuroscience community.  Around 45 international students are typically accepted each year for the Summer Program, which is highly competitive, with only one out of six or seven applicants being selected. For more information click here

School Of Science – University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo's School of Science conducts research and education across various scientific fields in order to understand the mechanisms of nature and uncover the immutable laws that govern them. In most cases, scientific research is motivated and advanced by the intellectual interests of researchers and not by the desire to seek the immediate application of findings. The profound understanding of nature that we have gained as a result has formed many conveniences of modern civilization, while also enriching our view of nature and the universe. Science has formed the deepest foundation of civilization and is a driving force for creating the future. With this in mind, the Charter of the School of Science has set the "creation and handing down of knowledge" as the School's main mission. For more information click here


Centre for Genomic Regulation

The Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) Summer Internship Program to provides undergraduate students and master students the opportunity to conduct summer research at the CRG. The goal of the programme is to encourage students, from any nationality, in the pursuit of a scientific career and to introduce them to an international laboratory experience. You can receive notifications for the 2022 call for applications but submitting a request via the CRG Summer Internship Programme website. For more information click here.


One of the main objectives of the CNIO is to contribute both in terms of numbers and qualification to the increase of researchers in oncology by means of an extensive training programme. For more information click here.


Universität Zürich

The Zurich Biology Undergraduate Summer School (BUSS) gives undergraduate students in the Life Sciences the chance to perform a significant research project in one of the participating laboratories of the University of Zurich or the ETH Zurich. Applications open on 15th December 2021 and close on 15th February 2022.  For more information click here.

École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne. EPFL

Students will be matched with a specific laboratory based on the student's interest and background.  The student will be working as a member of the research group for a period of eight weeks on a specific project related to the laboratory's research programs. Applications open in mid-November 2021. For more information click here.

University of Lausanne

The first opportunity to do research at the edge of the unknown can be a life changing experience that is remembered for the rest of one’s life. The School of Biology of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine at the University of Lausanne (UNIL) proposes the Summer Undergraduate Research (SUR) Programme for the uninitiated to obtain that first experience. Applications open in December 2021.  For more information click here.

Various locations throughtout EUROPE

Amgen Scholars is hosted at five premier institutions throughout Europe. Each host institution has its own application process. Enrollment at a European institution is required, and you can apply to participate at as many host institutions as you are interested in. For more information click here.


The Graduate School of the Stowers Institute

Each student participating in the Stowers Summer Scholars Program works on an independent research project under the direction of a principal investigator. The program offers Stowers Scholars the opportunity to become immersed in a research topic for a full-time eight-week period. Applications close on 4th February 2022. For more information 

Pennstate College of Medicine

Penn State College of Medicine offers 10-week summer research programs for undergraduate college students interested in pursuing careers in biomedical sciences research. These programs provide student learning opportunities for career explorations in allied health and the biomedical sciences. For more information click here

SURP Case Western Reserve University

The Department of Pharmacology sponsors a summer research program designed to introduce undergraduates to basic laboratory research. This 10-week program supplies a stipend and contributes additional funds to defray housing and travel expenses.  For more information click here.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York

The Undergraduate Research Program (URP) at CSHL provides an opportunity for undergraduate scientists from around the world to conduct first-rate research. For more information click here.

California Institute of Technology, Pasadena

Since 1979, Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) students have had the opportunity to conduct research under the guidance of experienced mentors working at the frontier of their fields. For more information click here.

Duke University, Durham, N.C.

There are various research & summer opportunities available to undergraduate students. For more information click here.

DaRin Butz Foundation Research Internship Program

The DaRin Butz Foundation Research Internship Program at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University gives undergraduates in the life sciences a unique opportunity to experience research from start to finish while gaining training and connections among scientific colleagues.  For more information click here.

Harvard University, Cambridge & Boston, Massachusetts

The Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) Internship Program (HIP) provides undergraduate students with a focused and challenging summer research experience in a cutting-edge stem cell science laboratory. Applications are due to open in December 2021. For more information click here.

Janelia Research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Virginia

This program allows a small number of well-prepared, committed and gifted students to join an intense and exciting research environment. The Janelia Undergraduate Scholars program is a 10-week summer program aimed at well-prepared, independent, and committed students with significant research experience. Applications close on 11th of Janaury 2022. For more information click here.

The Rockefeller University

The Rockefeller University Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program allows students to work with leading scientists in a broad range of areas including biochemistry; structural biology and chemistry; molecular, cell and developmental biology; immunology; virology and microbiology; neuroscience; physics; and mathematical biology. The 20 students accepted into the SURF program will receive a stipend of $5,000.00 for the 10-week period of June 4 through August 10, 2018. For more information click here

Journal of Young Investigators lists details of summer research programs available throughout the USA.  For more information click here.

Summer Research Opportunities in the USA

As summer programs release new 2018 deadline dates, Cornell University posts details of opportunities throughout the USA.  For more information click here.