University of Dundee

School President & Representatives

School President and Vice Presidents

School President:

Nicole Coutinho Garrido

Associate President of Levels 1 and 2:

Jennifer Anderson

Associate President of Level 3:

Shannon Francis 

Associate President of Level 4:

Lesley-Anne Ofei-Aboagye 

Employability Vice President

Shreya Kashyap 

Paula Tomaszewska 

Digital Enhancement & Promotions VP

Yashika Relan


Student Representatives

At the beginning of Level 1 we ask for eight volunteers to take the role of Student Reps; to act as a spokespeople for their year and represent their student colleagues at Staff/Student Liaison Meetings which take place once or twice per semester. This appointment extends throughout their study upon the agreement between the individual reps and Head of Year. We also ask for two reps from students entering at Level 2 to join the reps team. These reps also meet regularly with the School President who then presents their views and comments to School and College Board. In addition to the formal staff student meetings we also hold informal drop-in sessions fortnightly where any student may come with course queries.

Level 1 Class Reps for 2021/22

BS11001 Biomolecules Banga Liepute
BS11002 Evolution of Cells Daya Nitha Yagendran
BS11005 Numeracy, Chemistry & Physics for the Biological & Biomedical Sciences Dyani Patel
BS11006 The Poison Pen Gabriella Saksono
BS11008 Core Skills in the Life Sciences 1A Cheryl Lambie
BS12001 Genes & Heredity Banga Liepute
BS12002 Origins of Animal Organ Systems Dyani Patel
BS12005 Science & Society Cameron Yung
BS12008 Introduction into Scientific Enterprise Dhriti Gupta
BS12009 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry Gabriella Saksono
BS12010 Core Skills in the Life Sciences 2B Cheryl Lambie

Level 2 Class Reps for 2021/22

BS21001 Statistics & Experimental Design Holly Bennett
BS21002 Cellular Communication Siobhan Adesida
BS21008 Organic Chemistry for the Life Sciences Hannah Peacham
BS21009 Data Analysis for the Life Sciences Efthymia Dimitriadi
BS21010 Introductory Programming for Life Sciences Cova Piqueiro Lanciego
BS21011 Developing Scientific Enterprise Janani Hallawa Piyankarage
BS21012 Core Skills in the Life Sciences 2A Kate Fisher
BS22001 Human Physiology and Pharmacology Aimee Hose
BS22002 Biomolecular Mechanisms Ridvan Kucuk
BS22003 Core Skills in the Life Sciences 2B Eilidh McMenamin

Level 3 Class Reps for 2021/22

BS31003 Molecular Structures & Interactions Nur Rashidova
BS31004 Biochemistry & Cell Biology Greg McNeil
BS31005 Genetics Milosz Sieczka
BS31006 Gene Regulation & Expression Leon Reddick
BS31013 Biomembranes Jessica Garcia
BS31016  Practical Techniques in Biomedical Sciences Megan Denim
BS31019 Regulatory Physiology & Pharmacology Jordan Fraser
BS32003 Drug Discvery & Development Desislava Manolova
BS32004 Molecular Microbiology Ashleigh Foubister
BS32005 Cell and Developmental Biology Leo Torikka
BS32006 Cell Signalling Xiuhe Chong
BS32007 Organic Synthesis Bethany Dow
BS32008 Plant Sciences Leo Torikka
BS32009 Immunology Lucia Puchades
BS32010 Applied Bioinformatics Vandhana Kandiah
BS32011 Practical Project A Saurav Sreejith
BS32012 Practical Project B Haroon Hussain
BS32020 Human Epithelial Biology Erin Laird
BS32021 Quantitative Pharmacology Erin Bell
BS32024 Behavioural Neuroscience and Pharmacology Emilia Saavalainen
BS32026 Sensory and Motor Neuroscience Emma Carfrae
BS32028 Molecular Pharmacology Alba Barroso
BS32029 Cell Proliferation and Survival Mechanisms Underlying Disease Tanisa Kamal
BS32030 Data and Statistical Analysis  Milosz Sieczka
BS32031 Bioinformatics Research Skills 1 Alba Barroso
BS32032 Science Communication Selina Thamim Ansari

Honours Class Reps 2021/22

BS41004 Research Project: Biological Sciences Will Claydon
BS41005 Research Skills: Biological Sciences Will Claydon
BS41006 Research Skills: Biomedical Sciences Sanjana Kini
BS41007 Research Project: Biomedical Sciences Sanjana Kini
BS42003 Advanced Bioinformatics  Sai Saketh Vajrapu
BS42004 Advanced Modern Drug Discovery Alicia Ng Jun Ting
BS42005 Advanced Plant Sciences Sophie Cooke
BS42006 Advanced Immunology Naimh Scott
BS42007 Cancer Biology Kyra McHale
BS42008 Stem Cells in Development & Disease John Lam
BS42009 Advanced Molecular Microbiology Niamh Caleary
BS42010 Advanced Gene Regulation & Expression Fraser Kitson
BS42011 Biological Chemistry  
BS42012 Parasitology Niamh Caleary
BS42013 Advanced Cell Signalling Malek Helmi
BS42014 Nutrients & Metobolic Disease (NMD) Irene Christopher 
BS42017 Translational Psychiatry & Neurology Ruairidh Brown
BS42018 Mapping Memories in the Brain Nicole Coutinho Garrido
BS42019 Cardiovascular Pharmacology Lesley-Ann Ofei-Aboagye
BS42021 Heart & Circulation Kyra McHale
BS42023 Applied Neuroanatomy & Neurodegenerative Disorders Louise Hamilton
BS42025 The Conscious Brain: The Physiology of Pain & Anaesthesia Irene Christopher
BS42027 Cancer Pharmacology & Treatment Tegan Miller
BS42028 Pharmacology of Treatment of Metabolic Disease Niamh O'Callaghan