Home Working During CoVID-19 UoD Closure

Home workers are required to read and adhere to Safety Services' guidance and, if they are having difficulties, discuss with their line manager/supervisor how best to adjust their working pattern/setup to protect their mental and physical health.
If the problem persists and the worker and their line manager conclude that additional IT equipment, special furniture or other ergonomic aid is essential, it may be possible to arrange for the item to be collected from DC reception. Such requests must go to the Dean for approval. If approved, at an agreed time, one of the designated essential workers will collect the item from the person's office, take it to reception, disinfect it and hand it over to them.
Social distancing rules must be observed at all times. The recipient must ensure they have a means of safely transporting the item to their home, taking the dimensions and weight of the item into account.
In exceptional circumastances, if a worker does not have the means to safely transport an item to their home, it may be possible to arrange delivery by a third party.