University of Dundee

Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression

Principal Investigators

Professor Julian Blow FRSE FMedSci
Professor of Chromosome Maintenance
How DNA replication is organised and controlled to ensure precise chromosome duplication
Professor Victoria Cowling FRSE FRSB
Professor of Biology, Lister Institute Fellow, MRC Senior Fellow and Deputy-Head of The Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression
mRNA cap regulation
Professor Anton Gartner
Professor of Genetics
C. elegans genetics as a model to study basic biological problems
Professor Ron Hay FRS FRSE FMedSci
Professor of Molecular Biology
Role of ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like proteins in transcriptional regulation
Professor Angus Lamond FRS FRSE FMedSci
Professor of Biochemistry
Nuclear structure proteomics and gene expression
Professor Tom Owen-Hughes FRSE
Professor of Chromatin Structure and Function, Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow
Chromatin structure and gene regulation
Dr. Federico Pelisch
MRC Career Development Fellow
Professor Mike Stark FRSB
Emeritus Professor of Yeast Molecular Biology
Regulation of Yeast Cell Growth and Division
Professor Jason Swedlow FRSE
Professor of Quantitative Cell Biology
Mitotic chromosome dynamics
Professor Tomo Tanaka FRSE
Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology, Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow
Mechanisms ensuring proper chromosome segregation in mitosis
Dr Joost Zomerdijk
Reader in Gene Regulation and Expression and Programme Lead for MSc Biomedical and Molecular Sciences programmes
Molecular mechanisms and control in transcription by RNA polymerase I
Dr. Constance Alabert
Principal Investigator
DNA replication in the context of chromatin – Implications for human diseases
Dr Tony Ly
Principal Investigator
Dr Kasper Rasmussen
Principal Investigator
Investigating the regulation and function of DNA methylation in hematopoiesis


Professor Geoff Barton FRSE FRSB
Professor of Bioinformatics
Protein and nucleic acid sequence analysis and function prediction
Dr. Gabriele Schweikert
Principal Investigator Computational Biology
Professor Gordon Simpson FRSB
Professor of Molecular Genetics and Deputy Head of Division of Plant Sciences
RNA and Development
Professor Daan van Aalten FRSE
Professor of Biological Chemistry
The role of the O-GlcNAc posttranslational modification in neurodegeneration
Dr Stephen Land FRSB CSciTeach FPhysiol
Reader and Academic Regional Lead for Middle East and North Africa