University of Dundee

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)


Helge Dorfmueller

Investigation of cell wall biogenesis in Streptococci

The Helge Dorfmueller laboratory investigates how Gram-positive pathogens such as Streptococcus pyogenes synthesise their cell wall components. In particular, the research lies on functional and structural characterisation of enzymes involved in the Group A Carbohydrate biosynthesis pathway, a pathway involved in pathogenesis. The Dorfmueller lab combines microbiology with enzymology and carbohydrate analysis (in collaboration with Prof Mike Ferguson). The Dorfmueller lab also performs inhibitors screens against selected drug targets. In addition, the lab conducts a glyco-engineering approach to study the carbohydrate biosynthesis pathway and to explore potential development of a carbohydrate immunogen. 

Sarah Coulthurst

Protein Secretion and Inter-Bacterial Competition in Gram-negative bacteria

The SJC lab studies how Gram-negative bacteria, in particular opportunistic Enterobacteria, can prosper in microbial communities and succeed as pathogens. Our first research interest is in protein secretion systems, which represent widespread and diverse molecular weapons critical to bacterial interactions with the host, other microbes and the environment. Our second is in mechanisms of inter-bacterial competition, from diffusible anti-bacterial molecules to contact-dependent antagonistic machineries. These two themes coincide in our current main research area, the bacterial Type VI secretion system. We are an experienced molecular microbiology lab, with expertise in diverse areas from classical microbiology, microbial genetics and molecular biology, through bacterial cell biology and biochemistry, to proteomics and genomics.