University of Dundee

Trade Fair 2017

Wednesday 7th June 10 am - 4 pm

Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee


The SLS Trade Fair is back for 2017! 

With over 50 suppliers attending this FREE event along with FREE raffle entry, FREE delegate bag and FREE seminars it is guaranteed to be a great day.

Register your FREE place or just turn up on the day.

Confirmed Suppliers so far:

Alpha Laboratories, Apollo Scientific, Beckman, Berthold, Bio-Rad, Bioscience, BMG LabTech, Brooks (FluidX), Bruker, Castium, Carl Zeiss, Eurofins, Eurogentec, Expedeon, Fisher, Formedium, Generon, Gilson UK, Huber, Integra Biosystems, Integrated DNA Technologies, Leica Microsystems, Licor, Life Technologies (Thermo Fisher), Malvern, Mettler Toledo (Anachem), New England Biolabs, Olympus, Pacific Biosciences, Promega, Proteintech (PTGLabs), Roche, Sarstedt, Scientific Laboratory Supplies, Sigma Aldrich, StarLab, Stratech, Takara-Clontech, Thermo Fisher, Tissue Solutions, Triple Red, UoD Procurement Team / Sustainability, VWR.

Seminars from:

Berthold, Fisher, Licor, New England Biolabs, Sigma Aldrich, Stratech, Takara-Clontech and VWR.


Image: Confocal micrograph image by Tom McWilliams (MRC-PPU, IG/MM labs) and Alan Prescott (CAST, CSI) of heart tissue section from the mito-QC mouse, recently described in McWilliams et al., (2016) JCB, 214(3), p333. Mitochondria are expressing eGFP and mCherry, mitochondria in lysosomes are quenched in the green but still fluoresce in the red. Nuclei are DAPI blue and lysosomes Alexa 647 antibody labelled, white.