University of Dundee

Jennifer Dement

I joined the programme after studying an undergraduate masters in Medicinal Chemistry at Glasgow University I have always wanted to undertake a PhD but after 5 years of chemistry I realised organic synthesis was not for me! However, I have always been interested in science as a platform to help others and find it important that any research I do has the potential to eventually go on to help people. My masters project at Glasgow involved structure based drug design of novel malaria treatments and after looking into somewhere I could do similar work I found the Drug Discovery Unit here in Dundee. After exploring a bit further I was stunned by the huge number of interesting things going on in the School, not only in the DDU! And then I found out about the Wellcome programme.

The Wellcome programme appealed to me because of the rotation year, as it was a way to branch out to a totally different field of science without the risk of picking a PhD project that wasn't right for me. The superseminars have opened my eyes to the huge range of work going on in the School and the training course really helps you to find your feet and make sure you aren't completely lost in an alien field!

I have just started my first rotation in Jason Swedlow's lab and am looking forward to the next two rotations!

I think one of the most important things about this programme is the way in which it opens your eyes to totally different fields. The number of students that come in with set opinions and end up doing a PhD in a subject they never knew about is incredible.