University of Dundee

Grzegorz Sobczyk

I joined the 4-year Wellcome programme after obtaining my MSc degree in biotechnology in the University Of Warsaw, Poland. I have worked in Prof. Joanna Kufel’s lab, which was also supported by the Wellcome Trust grant, where I investigated RNA metabolism in yeast and plants.

I always thought of doing my PhD abroad and therefore I applied to different institutes and from all the places I was invited to, the University Of Dundee made the best impression on me. Very high standard of research as well as a friendly atmosphere in the College of Life Sciences and in Dundee itself convinced me to choose this place for the next step in my scientific career.

The rotation projects during first year give extraordinary opportunity to extend your experience and get insight into different areas of biological sciences. For my first rotation I have chosen Prof. Kees Weijer’s group where I am working on Dictyostelium. This organism fascinated me many years ago, at the very beginning of my passion to biology, but I never had chance to know it better and now I have this opportunity.

I believe that my decision about final PhD project after first year of learning various techniques and research approaches will be much more mature and relevant than it would be without this experience.