University of Dundee

Supervisor Pools


Students select in order of preference three potential supervisors for the first of three 3-month rotation projects. This selection is carried out in close consultation with the other students on the cohort and the programme mentoring committee. A large supervisor pool facilitates this process.

During the first rotation project, students hold weekly journal clubs with potential supervisors for the second rotation and are able to make an informed selection at the end of the first rotation. Similarly, during the course of the second rotation, students hold journal clubs with potential supervisors for the third rotation.

Research supervisors are pooled into three groups.  The research areas within these groups are:

  • Molecular Microbiology, Immunology and Biological Chemistry
  • Gene Regulation and Signal Transduction
  • Cell Development and Signalling

As a result of these groupings applicants to the programme are exposed to diverse subject areas and experimental approaches.

The following supervisors are participating in 2018/19.

Rotation 1: 
Rotation Projects: Superseminars: September 2018; Rotation Projects:  October-December 2018


Rotation 2:  

Rotation Projects: Superseminars: October-December 2018; Rotation Projects:  January-March 2019

Rotation 3: 

Rotation Projects: Superseminars: January-April 2019; Rotation Projects:  April-June 2019