University of Dundee

Wellcome 4-Year PhD Programme

Recruitment for this Wellcome Programme is now closed.  Opportunities are available on our newly funded Wellcome Programme in Integrated Molecular, Cellular and Translational Biology

 The Wellcome Four-Year PhD Training Programme provides students with the opportunity to gain research experience in a broad range of topics fitting within the remit of “Molecular and Cellular Biology”. Students then make an informed selection of their main project from a pool of some 40 well resourced laboratories.


The key elements of the programme consist of:

  • 3 x ~ 3 month mentored rotation projects in the areas of "Cell and Developmental Biology, Immunology", "Molecular Microbiology, Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery" and "Gene Regulation and Expression"
  • Specialised in-course training aimed at providing the expertise to fully exploit the potential of new technologies. These include intensive training in areas including advanced light microscopy, proteomics, genomics, data analysis, tissue culture, and cell sorting
  • The opportunity to meet and discuss research projects with potential supervisors in weekly “superseminars”
  • PhD projects in laboratories run by internationally renowned scientists
  • Structured training and mentoring programme
  • A track record of providing a strong platform the development of research careers. Since 2000 over 90% of our former students have obtained PhD degrees, and have in addition published and average of 3.8 research papers. Most pursue successful research careers and several now manage independent research programmes
  • Competitive stipend (average £22,000 pa), tuition fees covered

The cohort of students present each of their rotation projects during the first year in the form of seminars and written reports. This prepares them for the opportunity to present their research at annual retreats and external symposia during the subsequent years.

Up to 5 positions are available on the 4-year Programme each year and awards will be made on a competitive basis.  This programme is available to all nationalities.


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