University of Dundee

Wellcome 4-Year PhD Programme in Integrated Molecular, Cellular and Translational Biology

The Wellcome Trust Integrated molecular, cellular and translational biology programme combines scientific excellence with a commitment to improving the working environment and transition support for trainees. This PhD programme, provided by world-renowned scientists from the School of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee, will train the next generation of scientists at the forefront of international science. Students will join our supportive and positive research culture with the opportunity to select research projects centred around four themes:

  1. Cellular Regulation
  2. Protein Modification
  3. Infection and Immunity
  4. Drug Discovery and Translation

Around 50 different potential supervisors will participate in this programme


Prof Kim Dale

My lab looks at the molecular interactions and crosstalk between various signalling pathways that cells use to communicate to build tissues and organs during establishment of the vertebrate body axis. We focus on progenitor cell fate choice and segmentation as two key aspects of body plan formation. We have identified Notch as a key player in many of these processes and are focussing on the mechanism by which fine tuning the strength and duration of this pathway impacts on its function in various developmental contexts, using both in vivo and in vitro model systems. Since aberrant Notch signalling also underlies many diseases, including a variety of cancers, our findings will also be used to explore novel ways to modulate Notch function in cancer cell lines.