University of Dundee

EASTBIO: *Closing Date 10.04.21* Developing proteomics to look at the regulation of innate lymphoid cells by IL-33

Type 2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2s) play key roles in mediating type 2 immune responses, however beyond their ability to produce cytokines the function and regulation is still poorly understood.  ILC2s are activated by IL-33 and IL-25, both of which are important in the response to helminth infections.   In this project will look at the changes in ILC2s induced by these cytokines, focusing on functions that would help shape the Th2 immune response.  Previous studies on ILC2s have been limited by the low numbers of ILC2s in the body, however recent advances in proteomics and mass spectrometry mean it in now possible use these techniques to look at the signalling and functional changes in these cells.  This will be combined with loss of function and small molecule inhibitor studies to dissect the signalling pathways that control the function of these cells, initially focusing on the p38 MAPK pathway.