University of Dundee

CSC- Non-lysine ubiquitination in health and disease

Ubiquitination is a posttranslational modification that regulates all aspects of physiology and aberrant ubiquitination has been implicated with numerous diseases. Ubiquitination is typically considered a posttranslational modification of lysine residues but it is emerging that non-lysine ubiquitination is intrinsic to mammalian biology. This project will use a multidisciplinary approach to understand the cellular function of non-lysine ubiquitination. This will involve the identification of ubiquitin system enzymes that carry out non-lysine ubiquitination and identification of atypical sites within substrate proteins.

The project will provide experience with a range of techniques such as cell biology, proteomics and structural biology. Inquisitive and technically minded applicants should find the lab a stimulating environment to conduct research. 

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