University of Dundee

Postgraduate Committee

Postgraduate Committee members

Professor Carol MacKintosh Head of Postgraduate Studies, Life Sciences
Professor Bill Hunter Director, MRC 4 Year PhD Programme
Professor Ron Hay Director, Wellcome Trust 4 Year PhD Programme
Dr Alessio Ciulli PhD Programmes Course Organiser

Mrs Gail Guild

Postgraduate Administrative Organiser

Mrs Nikki Wilson

Postgraduate Administrative Organiser


Postgraduate Co-ordinators in each Division

Dr Mattie Pawlowic Division of Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery
Professor Simon Arthur Division of Cell Signalling and Immunology

Professor Tom Owen-Hughes

Division of Gene Regulation and Expression
Professor Carol MacKintosh Division of Cell and Developmental Biology
Dr Edgar Huitema Division of Plant Sciences
Professor David Lilley CRUK Nucleic Acid Structure Research Group
Professor John Rouse Medical research Council Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit
Professor Nicola Stanley-Wall Division of Molecular Microbiology
Dr Graham Rena Division of Molecular Medicine
Professor Geoffrey Barton Division of Computational Biology
Professor Geoffrey Gadd Geomicrobiology Group