University of Dundee

Dr. Ola Epemolu

Senior In vitro DMPK Scientist/ WCAIR DMPK Trainer
College of Life Sciences, University of Dundee, Dundee
Full Telephone: 
+44 (0) 1382 384351, int ext 84351


Ola is currently working as a DMPK trainer at the Wellcome Centre for Anti-infectives Research (W-CAIR) at The School Life Sciences, Dundee University and lectures DMPK to Years 3 and 4 students on the B.Sc. Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery Course. Ola is also the DMPK Lead for the Anti-tubercular research effort of Dundee Drug Discovery Unit.

Ola’s industrial career started as a Pharmacokineticist with Celltech –UCB in 1993. From UCB, Ola moved on to set up and lead the DMPK function of Organon Laboratories in Scotland where he contributed to the CNS research (analgesia, anaesthesia, depression and psychosis) effort of Organon. Ola was one of the main contributor to the discovery of Bridion®. which is hailed as the best drug to come into anaesthesia in the last 50years. Organon was subsequently subsumed by Schering Plough and later by Merck where Ola worked till 2010 as a Senior Research Scientist in DMPK.

Ola later joined The Drug Discovery Unit at Dundee University as a Team Leader in in vitro DMPK in 2013, where he has contributed to the identification and selection of therapeutically developable leads for various anti-infective research including Tuberculosis.

Ola obtained his Ph.D in Pharmacy and M.Sc. in Biopharmacy from King’s College, University of London. Ola’s B.Sc. (2ii) was in Applied Biology (Majored in Biochemical Pharmacology) from The University of Hertfordshire. Ola’s Ph.D research on drugs for treating Thalassaemia induced iron overload led to the discovery of Deferiprone® the first orally active iron chelator. Ola also holds a PG Cert. (THE) from The University of Dundee and he is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA).