University of Dundee

Dr Andrew Woodland

Portfolio Manager
School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee, Dundee
Full Telephone: 
+44 (0) 1382 386453, int ext 86453


Medicinal Chemistry and Portfolio Management

Following my training at the University of Glasgow I joined the biotech BioFocus, working on a range of drug discovery targets and designed cutting edge product lines such as DGF-out kinase inhibitors, ion channel modulators and fragment libraries. After 6 years in industry I decided to join the DDU to work on neglected disease drug discovery. During my time in Dundee I have contributed to projects investigating sleeping sickness (trypanosomiasis), malaria and leishmaniasis.

After 3 years of neglected disease research, I began work developing the DDU’s first world disease programmes: The Innovative Targets Portfolio (ITP). Within our first two years we partnered two projects with GSK under the DPAc initiative. Building on our initial successes, the ITP now receives around £1.5M/year in funding, supporting a core team progressing nine new projects each year, through hit identification and hit to lead development. Our funding comes from the Industrial partnerships, the MRC’s confidence in concept scheme, Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Funding and the strategic award for Dermatology and Genetic Medicine (DGEM), Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust funding and University of Dundee core support.

As Portfolio Manager for the Innovative Targets Portfolio (ITP) within the Drug Discovery Unit (DDU), I coordinate and manage first world drug discovery projects within the DDU, establishing academic and industrial collaborations, de-risking novel targets and developing promising new therapies.

The DDU’s model is that we wish to compliment biopharma strengths by de-risking and partially validating higher risk, un-validated drug targets which seek to address an unmet medical need.

At present we collaborate with over 50 Principle Investigators both within and without of the University of Dundee and with a number of Industrial organisations.  If you have a new project idea, no matter how early stage, I am always happy to discuss new ideas.

October 2013 portfolio status


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