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June 2017

  • Mahima Swamy
    14 Jun 2017

    MRC PPU PI Mahima Swamy has been awarded a Sir Henry Dale Fellowship of £1.2 million to study the responses of the gut immune system to infection.

  • David Finlay
    08 Jun 2017

    Former Dundee researcher, Dr David Finlay, publishes recent findings in leading international journal Nature Communications. The work involved input from Dr Linda Sinclair from Professor Doreen Cantrell’s laboratory in the School who have a continuing collaboration with the Finlay group. Glucose – commonly referred to as a ‘simple’ sugar – may be a crucial factor in the fight against cancer and inflammatory disease after scientists discovered a new role for glucose in the stimulation of cells that work on the front line in the fight against infection and tumours.

May 2017

  • 09 May 2017

    The Phenomics Discovery Initiative (PDi), a unique collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and academia, has unveiled its first series of novel phenotypic assays. The assays are under development within the labs of the National Phenotypic Screening Centre (NPSC) – a collaboration between the Universities of Dundee, Edinburgh and Oxford - and are designed to identify new molecules with pharmacological activity in respiratory, oncology, immunology and c

April 2017

  • 19 Apr 2017

    Alan Prescott has been award 3rd Prize in the British Society of Cell Biology (BSCB) Image Competition 2017. His confocal image is of a transverse section of the rectus muscle of the eye taken from the mito-QC mouse (McWilliams et al., (2016) JCB, 214(3)). Mitochondria express eGFP and mCherry but in lysosomes the eGFP, green fluorescence is quenched. Bright red dots are mitolysosomes. Nuclei are DAPI blue.

  • 19 Apr 2017

    School of Life Sciences scientists have won a hat-trick of funding awards from the Wellcome Trust that will see more than £6million invested in their research. Professors Doreen Cantrell, Mark Field and Grahame Hardie have been successful in winning grants from Wellcome. 

  • 14 Apr 2017

    Dr Ignacio Moraga has been awarded €1.7 million to investigate the role that communication between cells plays in autoimmune diseases. The prestigious European Research Council (ERC) starting grant will fund his research over the next five years. Dr Moraga and his team are studying immune response action in the hope of designing better medicines for conditions such as lupus, arthritis and other debilitating autoimmune diseases.

February 2017

  • 22 Feb 2017

    Professor Sheng-Cai Lin, Dean of Life Sciences at Xiamen University, China gave the School of Life Science

  • 20 Feb 2017

    Dr David McEwan, a principal investigator based in the division of Cell Signalling and Immunology, has been awarded a Tenovus Scotland grant for £100k. The grant will allow his group to study the cross talk between autophagy, infection and immunity.

January 2017

  • 16 Jan 2017

    Stephen Fry has praised University of Dundee academics for their efforts in communicating their research to the public. Professor Jennifer Woof from the School named Engaged Researcher of the Year in recognition of her outstanding work with schools and the public to raise awareness of science.

December 2016

  • Jenny Woof and Dana Hutton at Dundee Science Festival
    20 Dec 2016

    Last month many researchers from the School took part in the annual Dundee Science Festival and School ‘Open Doors Day’. “It was fantastic to see representation from across the whole School in these recent public engagement events. It is a key skill for scientists at all levels to be able to not only communicate their research to people of all ages and educational backgrounds but to also interact and listen to these individuals as well,” said Professor Julian Blow, Dean of Life Sciences.