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Latest News for 06/2021

May 2020

  • Image (from top left, clockwise): Dr Bettina Meier, Nadezda Volkova, Professor Anton Gartner and Dr Moritz Gerstung.
    01 May 2020

    Whole genome sequencing gives new insights into cancer genomics Summary By analysing genomic data from worms, scientists detailed how mutations are caused by a combination of DNA damage and inaccurate repair This shows that a single DNA-damaging agent can generate a multitude of mutational signatures depending on the repair mechanisms involved in fixing the original damage  The research could help pinpoint the causes of mutations found in the genomes of cancer patients and healthy individuals

August 2019

  • Summer School Students group photo
    16 Aug 2019

    Over 50 undergraduate students have been undertaking life science summer projects within the University over the past few months. They presented their research projects at the Annual Summer School Symposium that took place on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th August. 

September 2018

  • Professor Hari Hundal and Professor Anton Gartner
    24 Sep 2018

    University of Dundee scientists have been awarded Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) grants totalling more than £1 million to fund their research into cancer and diabetes.

August 2018

  • Summer School students
    17 Aug 2018

    Life Sciences hosted over 50 students this Summer. This week, no less than 40 students, from Dundee, the rest of Scotland and the UK, but also from abroad as far afield as Singapore, presented their results in this years’ summer students symposium. There were two amazing afternoons with excellent and very well-structured talks.   Anton Gartner, Summer School Academic Lead, learnt a lot from the student talks, which covered to diverse research undertaken in the School. Highlights included:

May 2018

  • Dr Bettina Meier, Nadezda Volkova, Professor Anton Gartner and Dr Moritz Gerstung
    01 May 2018

    An interdisciplinary research collaboration has taken a significant step towards understanding the mutational causes of cancers, a finding which may one day lead to personalised cancer treatment. The team from the University of Dundee, European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) and the Wellcome Sanger Institute used a type of worm called C. elegans as a model to study how cancer-causing genetic mutations arise when DNA is inaccurately replicated or when damaged DNA is not repaired.

February 2018

  • Ye Hong
    20 Feb 2018

    Research from Professor Anton Gartner’s group in the Centre for Gene Expression and Regulation has provided new information on the mechanics of cell division. Published today in Nature Communications, the work shows the role of a particular protein in this process that may have implications in understanding some types of breast and ovarian cancer.

  • Sarah-Lena Offenburger
    02 Feb 2018

    Research in the laboratory of Professor Anton Gartner has discovered two novel molecules that could help in the fight against Parkinson’s disease. The work published in back to back papers in PLOS Genetics show that these two molecules protect against loss of dopaminergic neurons. This loss is one of the hallmarks of Parkinson’s disease.

January 2018

  • Professor Anton Gartner
    24 Jan 2018

    The charity Worldwide Cancer Research has awarded a School of Life Sciences researcher just over £200,000 to study ways to improve the use of chemotherapy. The research, led by Professor Anton Gartner from the Centre of Gene Regulation and Expression, could one day help identify people who would benefit the most from a particular type of treatment.

May 2017

  • 12 May 2017

    Scientists in the School have solved a mystery concerning one of the most fundamental processes in cell biology, in a new discovery that they hope may help to tackle cancer one day.

January 2014

  • 29 Jan 2014

    The College of Sciences is delighted to announce the appointment of Anton Gartner as Professor of Genetics at the University of Dundee. Anton Gartner, a Principal Investigator at the Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression joined the College of Life Sciences in 2004 as a CRUK Research Fellow and was awarded a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship in 2010.