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Latest News for 09/2021

April 2019

  • 11 Apr 2019

    Professor Kate Storey has been awarded the Waddington Medal by the British Society for Developmental Biology. The Waddington Medal is the only national award in Developmental Biology. It honours outstanding research performance as well as services to the subject community. The medal is awarded annually at the BSDB Spring Meeting, where the recipient presents the Waddington Medal Lecture. Professor Storey is Head of the Division of Cell & Developmental Biology and Chair of Neural Development in the School of Life Sciences at Dundee.

July 2018

  • Photo (from left): Ioanna Mastromina, Dr Kim Dale, Professor Kate Storey
    31 Jul 2018

    The latest research from the Dale lab, in collaboration with Professor Kate Storey, has explained the important role that Myc plays in linking different stages of mouse embryonic development. The findings have been published in the journal Development and has been selected to feature as part of that editions’ ‘Research Highlights’ section.

March 2018

November 2017

May 2017

  • 08 May 2017

    Professor Kate Storey has been elected to the prestigious Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences.   The Fellows have been elected for their contribution to biomedical and health research, the generation of new knowledge in medical sciences and its translation into benefits to society. This year's elected Fellows have expertise that spans women’s health, immunology, public health, infectious disease and embryonic development, among many other fields.

February 2017

  • Aida Rodrigo Albors
    21 Feb 2017

    Aida Rodrigo Albors, a post-doctoral researcher in Kate Storey’s lab, has been awarded a two-year Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship. The fellowship will enable Aida to use single-cell transcriptomics and high-resolution microscopy to explore in detail the heterogeneous population of ependymal cells in the mouse spinal cord. Ependymal cells are intriguing because despite having a differentiated phenotype, they retain neural stem cell potential throughout life.

August 2015

October 2014

  • 16 Oct 2014

    Professor Kate Storey head of the Division of Cell and Developmental Biology at the College of Life Sciences has been awarded an unusual prize by MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, recognising her achievements as a woman leader in science. Kate is one of eleven leading women scientists who have been honoured in the MRC’s Suffrage Science initiative in 2014. 

July 2014

  • 10 Jul 2014

    The College of Life Sciences is delighted to announce the winner of the 2014 Tim Hunt Prize for Cell Biology: Raman Das (Storey Lab) has won this year’s prize for his contribution to the field of Neurobiology. Using advanced imaging Raman has discovered a fundamentally new and unexpected form of cell sub-division, Apical abscission, which impacts cell differentiation.

January 2014

  • 10 Jan 2014

    A new form of cell sub-division that is key to the development of the nervous system has been identified by researchers at the College of Life Sciences. Neurons are vital to the development of the nervous system and in some regions of our brains they are continually produced throughout our lives. They are `born’ in a particular place in the early nervous system and then have to migrate to the correct place to make functional neural structures. (Attached image shows two newborn neurons shedding their tip ends, or abscising)