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July 2018

August 2017

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    04 Aug 2017

    A collaboration between Professor Julian Blow’s lab in Gene Regulation and Expression and the Drug Discovery Unit has provided insights into how differences between normal cells and cancer cells could provide a novel anti-cancer therapy. The work, which involved the identification of a new class of small molecules that inhibit DNA replication, has been published in Cell Chemical Biology.

September 2016

  • 30 Sep 2016

    Complementary and collaborative research from the research groups of Professor Julian Blow and Professor Tim Newman has been published in two sister papers in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). The work focuses on experimental and theoretical evidence that unreplicated DNA can pass through mitosis for resolution in the following cell cycle.

September 2014

  • 02 Sep 2014

    A collaboration between two interdisciplinary research groups at the University of Dundee has led to a better understanding of how cells are able to maintain their stability and function in response to environmental challenges and potential threats.  The laboratories of Professors Julian Blow and Tim Newman have published a paper showing how a cell’s gene regulatory network – the system that allows a cell to produce the right set of proteins in response to external and internal environmental triggers – is wired up to maintain its stability. 

November 2012

August 2012

  • 01 Aug 2012

    On 1 August 2012 Professor Angus Lamond stepped down as the Head of GRE after 15 years. Through his vision and drive Angus has led the division from its inception and built it into an international centre for research excellence in gene regulation and expression. He has also been instrumental in bringing cutting-edge research technologies and a strong public engagement agenda to the forefront of life sciences research in Dundee, for both of which Dundee now enjoys a national reputation.

July 2012

  • 19 Jul 2012

    The Wellcome Trust has announced over £11 million in strategic funding to two research groups at the University of Dundee. A team led by Professor Irwin McLean has been awarded around £5.9m to help establish a Centre for Dermatology and Genetic Medicine, building on Dundee’s international reputation for research into the causes of skin diseases and developing new medicines for inherited skin disorders.

May 2012

October 2011

  • 28 Oct 2011

    Professor Julian Blow, who works in the Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression at the University of Dundee College of Life Sciences, has been awarded a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award. These highly prestigious grants are given by the Wellcome Trust to outstanding senior researchers who are judged to be studying the most important and challenging research questions in biomedicine.