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August 2014

  • 28 Aug 2014

    The University of Dundee has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Bangalore BioCluster in India with the aim of creating a joint Drug Discovery Centre to tackle antimicrobial resistance.   There is already an active programme of scientific collaboration between Dundee and the Bangalore BioCluster. The Biocluster is jointly supported by the Departments of Biotechnology and Atomic Energy of the Government of India.  

November 2013

September 2013

August 2013

  • Mike Ferguson and the Duke of Edinburgh
    14 Aug 2013

    Michael Ferguson, Regius Professor and Dean of Research in the College of Life Sciences, was presented with the Royal Medal in Edinburgh on Monday in recognition of his work in drug discovery to combat parasites and for his leadership of a “world-class” team of scientists.   The medal represents the pinnacle of the awards made by the RSE and was presented by the Duke of Edinburgh on his first official engagement since June.

March 2013

  • 22 Mar 2013

    Professor Michael Ferguson, Dean of Research in the College of Life Sciences, has been awarded the Royal Medal, the pinnacle of the awards made by the Royal Society of Edinburgh. “It is a huge honour to be awarded one of the Royal Medals of the Royal Society of Edinburgh,” said Professor Ferguson. “Science is one of the most communal of enterprises and this award really reflects the excellence of the teams of colleagues it is my great privilege to work with at the University of Dundee, and our collaborators.”

January 2013

  • Mike Ferguson
    29 Jan 2013

    The Queen announces new Regius Professorship for Dundee The Government today announced twelve university departments that are deemed to be outstanding – including Life Sciences at the University of Dundee - are to have the prestigious title of Regius Professor bestowed upon them by The Queen to mark the Diamond Jubilee.

May 2012

  • 15 May 2012

    Life sciences researchers in Dundee are being held up as pioneers of the research and innovation that is making the city "a life sciences hub dedicated to exhilarating research and extraordinary impact." In his column in The Lancet (Vol 379, May 12, 2012), Offline, Richard Horton names names, and is not shy in his praise for the University:  

October 2011

April 2011

July 2010

  • 01 Jul 2010

    The College of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee has been given a grant of £4.88 million from the Wellcome-Wolfson Capital Awards initiative to help expand its life sciences base. Over £30 million is being invested into large-scale university infrastructure projects courtesy of the Wellcome-Wolfson Capital Awards initiative.