University of Dundee

Summer School 2021

04 Oct 2021

After a challenging year where Covid changed everything, SLS were determined to hold its annual vacation scholarship programme. As one of the few institutions doing so, the School received almost 300 applications from home, national and international students. The competition for places was high, but the School was able to welcome 41 students.

This years students were able to engage in a full programme of research in our world class laboratories, working with PI’s across Plant Sciences at the James Hutton Institute, School of Medicine, SLS and within our internal biotech MRC Reagents and Services. These places were supported via funding from Wellcome, Medical Research Council, and industry.

The School was an enormous success with positive feedback from students and their hosts. Academic lead for the summer School, Dr Paul Davies said “PI’s from across the two Schools came together to provide a record number of places for students to experience research in our superb laboratories. The students, without exception, grabbed the opportunity and had a productive period of research working alongside our scientists. The students also benefited from a brilliant seminar programme delivered by four outstanding scientists from SLS, Professor Sir Philip Cohen, Professor Satpal Virdee, Dr Tom Deegan and PhD student and Summer School alumni, Neringa Pratuseviciute.

Some of the feedback received from our students as well as their supervisors is included below. The Summer School team can’t wait to welcome students to the programme next year for another amazing 10 weeks.

Summer School Feedback

“Moving to a new city to work over the summer was quite a daunting prospect. However, throughout my time in Dundee, I felt very well supported from both an academic and well-being point of view. Overall, I know that the knowledge and practical experience I have gained over my time at Dundee will be invaluable to my final year at university and my postgraduate studies. It has provided me with a thorough insight of how a lab operates and what life as a researcher would comprise.” - Student

“Over the course of my placement I received a huge amount of brilliant practical knowledge. My confidence in the lab has greatly improved along with my repertoire of techniques.  I feel especially lucky to have gained such intensive laboratory experience considering the limitations of covid restrictions. I felt very welcomed and supported in the lab, with someone always around to help me out when I needed. After a year of virtual learning it was wonderful to be able to interact face-to-face which sparked far more creative and spontaneous discussions about the research.” - Student

“It was extremely satisfying to be able to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired during the past 2 years to a research project. It was also an eye-opener whereby I realized that while the theory may seem straightforward, the reality is often otherwise. I have also had the opportunity to experience life in a research lab. I was particularly thrilled by the dynamic and collegial atmosphere where everybody works hard and is passionate about their research project. I have truly enjoyed such a stimulating environment. Overall, this internship experience has been truly positive and enjoyable. I can’t wait for the opportunity to sign up for another one!” - Student

“Thanks very much for organising the 2021 summer school – my lab and I had a great experience hosting our summer UG student.” - Supervisor

“I am very impressed with the SLS summer school and how it is run and the high calibre students that you recruit. This provides the students with very valuable research experience and will hopefully inspire many of them to continue a career in research and maybe to go and do a PhD perhaps even staying in Dundee.” - Supervisor

“The two students I had were excellent, switched on and very much looking to learn as much as they could.  The most positive outcome for me is that the students actively contributed to our work and were very quickly part of the team. It was great to be able to invite them back for additional time within the lab.” - Supervisor