University of Dundee

Launch of a LRRK2 Toolkit website to support research on LRRK2

05 Jan 2021

To help support worldwide research on LRRK2 biology, the groups of Dario Alessi and Miratul Muqit (University of Dundee) Suzanne Pfeffer and Monther Abu-Remaileh (Stanford University) have generated an LRRK2 Toolkit website in which all of their cDNA clones, antibodies, proteins, cell lines and mouse models are deposited.  

The website provides a detailed datasheet with QC information and ordering instructions for each reagent. Reagents are available for known LRRK2 pathway components that our laboratories work on including Rab proteins, VPS35, RILPL1/2, PPM1H, PINK1, Parkin and many others. Information on how to order any reagent is also provided. The reagents are available to academics and the pharmaceutical industry across the globe. The site will be updated regularly with new reagents as they are developed.  

For further information on our reagents or how to access these please email Dr Francesca Tonelli ( or James Hastie (