University of Dundee

Awards recognition for outstanding microscopy images

18 Mar 2020

Alan Prescott has been chosen to be the regional (Europe) EMEA winner of the Olympus Image of the Year Award 2019. This was for the submitted image with the title "The mouse’s whiskers: image from a frozen section of the head from the mito-QC mouse."

This win follows a very successful 12 months where Alan’s microscopy work has been recognised in five other national and international competitions.

In April, he was placed third in the British Society for Cell Biology Image Prize with a confocal image of a cultured mouse embryo fibroblast from the mito-QC mouse. This followed a third place in the 2017 competition. Imagery of the mito-QC mouse provided further successes in three further competitions:

Finally, Alan’s image of “Inside a Lichen” was included in the 2020 Royal Microscopical Society Digital Calendar as the January image. The image of mineral crystals from within the heart of lichen collected from a Birch tree in Dundee was captured on a scanning electron microscope.

Alan works with the Dundee Imaging Facility in the School and has expertise in electron and light microscopy. To find out more about the facility and how they can help you with your research visit:


Images (clockwise from top left): Olympus Image of the Year Award & HOOKEd; BSCB 2019; BSCB 2017; RMS calendar 2020; Vectorlab; Images from Sci 3

Find out more about the mito-QC mouse: McWilliams et al. J Cell Biol. 2016 Aug1;214(3):333-45