University of Dundee

Laboratory plastic recycling waste scheme introduced

29 Jan 2020

This month, our Central Technical Services started collecting the plastic recycling waste from pick-up points around the SLS complex. Any clean, dry and millable plastic, even coloured plastic can be recycled but it must be clean, contamination free and dry. Green recycling bins are now in place within all labs with guidance signage on what can and cannot be placed in them.

In order to ensure the best standard operating procedure is in place, throughout January the CTS team, especially Scott MacQueen, Vicki Murray and Wendy Chalmers, have:

  • monitored how much plastic waste each area has produced
  • worked out how many pick-ups are required per week for each area
  • standardised the pick-up points - types of bin and signage
  • created an SOP for CTS staff

For the new system to work, everyone needs to abide by the following rules: 

PLEASE NOTE: Please continue to put empty tip boxes into the Blue sterilisation boxes for pick-up. We sort these out down in Sterile Supplies, and send the old Starlab and Greiner boxes back to the companies.


  • Plastic must be clean, contamination free and dry. Please rinse and air dry.
  • Plastic must be collected in transparent bags, closed with cable tie and marked as plastic recycling. Label “Mixed plastic for recycling – Clean and Dry”.
  • Labels on bottles do not require to be removed, although removal is preferred.
  • Plastic waste which is not clean or which is wet CANNOT be recycled.

If in doubt, put it in the normal general waste route. We don't want to condemn a whole bag of plastic waste due to a plastic film/wrappers etc. The CTS will not be responsible for sorting through the plastic recycling.

More details on sustainability in SLS can be found here.

More details on the plastic recycling scheme including the SOP and info poster can be found here