University of Dundee

Major announcements from OME collaborative projects

05 Jul 2019

This week has seen two major announcements made on projects that Open Microscopy Environment (OME), led by Professor Jason Swedlow in the School, have collaborated on:

1. Euro-BioImaging European Research Infrastructure Consortia

The UK will be joining the Euro-BioImaging European Research Infrastructure Consortia, hosted in Finland, as a founder member. OME has participated in Euro-BioImaging since its inception and has led its efforts to build public resources for imaging data.

2. BioImage Archive

EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) is expanding its remit to include bioimaging data. Through its new, dedicated resource for biological images, called the BioImage Archive, EMBL-EBI aims to make it easier for researchers around the world to store, share, access and analyse biological images. Easy access to bioimaging data could offer new insights into how life works at a molecular level and could advance knowledge in fields such as human health and disease, food security and biodiversity.

EMBL-EBI has been collaborating with the wider bioimaging community to address some of these challenges. Pilot projects coordinated by EMBL-EBI, such as EMPIAR, and collaborations with OME on the Cell- and Tissue- Image Data Resource (IDR), have laid the groundwork for the creation of the BioImage Archive. OME built and continues to run the IDR resources that will now form part of the BioImage Archive. IDR is funded by BBSRC, Wellcome Trust and the European Commission.  The BioImage Archive project has been made possible through capital support from a recent Strategic Priority Fund award from UK Research and Innovation.

BioImage Archive - a new hub for biological images - full story.