University of Dundee

Advanced Accreditation awarded to all Life Sciences MSci courses by Royal Society of Biology

24 Jan 2019

All our integrated masters (MSci) programmes in Biological and Biomedical Sciences are now fully accredited by the Royal Society of Biology. Previously they had been granted interim Advanced Accreditation, when our degrees had not yet had any graduates. This award builds on the accreditation of our BSc Honours programmes awarded by the Royal Society of Biology in 2016, and makes Dundee one of only eleven universities in the UK to offer a suite of courses which are both accredited at BSc Honours level and have advanced accreditation at MSci level.

Accreditation by the Society means our courses are recognised for their academic rigor and excellence. In addition, it acknowledges that we equip our graduates with solid academic foundations and the skills employers are looking for. 

Professor Jenny Woof, Associate Dean (Quality and Academic Standards) who led on the application process for the advanced accreditation said, “This is an important accolade for the School and University as it provides an external badge of excellence which will help to attract the best students from around the world to our courses.”