University of Dundee

SLS PhD students selected to participate in Roche Continents 2018

18 Jun 2018

Three PhD students in the School have been selected to join Europe’s finest University students in creative and intellectual collaboration at Roche Continents 2018.

The highly prestigious Roche Continents - a full week of interdisciplinary challenges and inspiration – selects only 100 students from the sciences and arts at European Universities to attend. Elena Purlyte from Dario Alessi’s Lab (MRC-PPU), Guillermo Serrano Najera from Kees Weijer’s Lab (Cell and Developmental Biology) and Luke Fulcher from Gopal Sapkota’s Lab (MRC-PPU) are three of those who will take part in the week of activities in Salzburg from 15th – 19th August 2018.

Roche Continents is aimed at arts and science students aged between 20 and 29 from European institutions. It enables them to experience contemporary music at the Salzburg Festival and to discover the common ground of creativity in the arts and science through discussion among themselves and with key personalities in both fields.

Intellectual exchanges between the participants are both the core and goal of this yearly event with in workshops to break down psychological and ideological barriers between people who are on their way to becoming “tomorrow’s science and cultural leaders”. Scientists from across the disciplines work with musicians, painters, photographers and film-makers, and are given ample room and opportunity to interact formally and informally.

Elena said, “Creativity is of great importance in any discipline. Finding such initiatives as Roche Continents is exceptionally exciting as opportunities as such allow us to explore different ways to approach solving problems and learn new ways of thinking,' while Luke said, "I am very excited and thrilled to be selected to participate in Roche Continents 2018! I look forward to exploring the programme with everyone in Salzburg!"