University of Dundee

Perceptions of dementia go on display in new exhibition

30 Jan 2018

An exhibition of art and science exploring how perceptions of space affect gestures, balance and movement will go on display this week at the University of Dundee’s LifeSpace Gallery.
‘Trajectories’, LifeSpace’s first exhibition of 2018, will see work by artists Charles Robert Harrison, Charlie Murphy and Studio Senses featured alongside research on perceptions and experiences of dementia carried out by scientists at University College London.
Objects from the University of Dundee’s collections, which were selected by the artists, and current research by Dr Esther Sammler, a consultant neurologist at Ninewells Hospital and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University, will provide further context to the exhibition.
LifeSpace curator Dr Sarah Cook said, “Artists are skilled in considering how we perceive the world around us and some of the work presented in this exhibition has come directly from research into neural processes that control human movement and balance. The exhibition suggests how visual art work can contribute to scientific research.”
Artist Charlie Murphy said, “Art and neurology share common ground in testing the boundaries of perception. It is fascinating to be given such a privileged insight into the creativity and improvisation involved in designing and choreographing these tests to reveal the mechanisms in our bodies that enable us to stay upright or to fall over. 
“The current forms of technology and approach used by scientists have intriguing visual and conceptual connections with historic representations of movement.”
‘Trajectories’ will be on display until Saturday 2 June. LifeSpace is open on Saturdays from 11am-5pm and by appointment during the week. LifeSpace will host a public event with the artists and contributions from Dr Esther Sammler and Professor Brian Day of UCL, on Friday 2 February from 11am-12.30pm.

Image: Courtesy of Charlie Murphy at Tempting Failure festival. Photographer Yiota Demetriou